Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Sussical the musical was the show we did for 1st grade - 5th graders.  
Sussical the musical is probably my favorite musical right now. You can't help but smile when you sing the songs and feel your heart grow. I adore these mini humans; they are super!!!! Just about every dress rehearsal and show I found myself all weepy with joy and gratitude that I got to be a part of the adventure.

Friday night and Saturday day I was tossing and turning and vomiting. It was rough to say the least. Feeling so yucky my heart was super sad because I knew I'd be missing the last two performances of our glorious kiddos!!! It broke my heart not being there but I tried to reflect on all the blessings!

Jack has made wonderful friendships.
I watched SO many kids grow tremendously in confidence.
I get to work with top notch people who are talented, kind and dear to my heart.
I got to watch the two casts bring to life stories with encouraging messages.
I got to be creative with my choreography and try new things.
I realize that a heart can always grow bigger and have more capacity to love.
I prayed with those I worked with for the health of some of our kiddos who were sick.
I told more Henry the goat stories.
I have lots of lovely memories 💗

Alice in Wonderland Cast!
A bunch a fantastic humans who are kind, talented, thoughtful, hardworking, radiate light and goodness. It was a joy working with them and seeing them exceed my expectations.
I'm so gutted I missed our last performers but super thrilled I got to be apart of all the others 😘😘😘

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