Friday, March 3, 2017


At church I get the privilege (scary at times, but mostly thrilling) to be a leader for the girls from 12-18 years of age. The super awesome thing about these specific girls is they know who Jesus Christ is, they know that they were created by their Heavenly Father and they are trying to navigate their way through a difficult and confusing world and spreading goodness while they try.

Remarkable is a great word to describe them.

I am pretty obsessed with them all!

We had the opportunity to plan an activity and being the girls they are laden with energy, humor and enthusiasm they choose a spaghetti dinner...


this was not just your ordinary spaghetti dinner it was a chance to learn about unity and working together. 

How in the world did we make the connection????

Hold your horses tiger, I am getting there:)

So all boys and girls from 3 congregations from 12-18 got together, around 50 all together. We covered the floor and tables  with painters plastic (sorry earth ill recycle extra hard this month) and divided them into their age groups; 12-13, 14-15, 16-18. Each group was given a handicap; huge strange kitchen utensils, hand ties and blind folds. Seated round tables they tried to pour water, butter bread, dish up salad and spaghetti AND clean up their mess. 

It was hilarious watching a teenage boy try to butter his bread with salad tongs. I found myself giggling uncontrollably when a table of boys with their hands tied to each other eating their food with mouths touching their plates. But the most tricky was when the blindfolded group were attempting to pour water... their plates ended up looking more like water soup than spaghetti. HAHAHAHA

Half way through our dinner the oldest group whose handicap was to use big, awkward utensils gained another handicap: the blind fold!!!! This symbolized that the older you become the more you have to learn to work with one another because there are greater challenges and temptations and without the help and support from each other it can become easy to get lost and lose perspective. 

There were lots of laughs, giggles and perhaps some may have learned something about unity and team work. 

I am thankful I got to watch the beautiful, smart and courageous young women plan and execute such a great activity #proudleadermoment


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