Monday, February 27, 2017


I find myself thinking 

"I don't really have a sugar addiction" 

"I could have a piece of chocolate and I would be fine" 

"I really want a little cake because I want to give myself a little gift" 

"I can start and stop when I like"


I think this is exactly how an addition looks. 
The denial, the reasoning, the lies.

I have a sugar addiction. 
It feels GOOD to admit that:)

Yesterday night was challenging emotionally and I wanted to devour chocolate, cookies and naughty yummy stuff but I didn't-

I DIDN'T!!!!!


Now that is a success that I am going to cheer about. 
(I am jumping up and down, swinging my hips side to side and smiling ultra wide)

It's baby steps friends, tiny steps of progress moving in the right direction. Every moment I have where I triumph like this I will scream   "I did it! I did it! I put my health first!!!" And when I say health I mean physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health because all those facets benefit from that triumph and others similar to it.

Take a look at your addiction and look at it straight on and decided to do something about it and start today by making those tiny baby steps to living free of that addiction. 


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