Friday, February 24, 2017


(isn't this an adorable concerned look from Lucas 3 years ago.... Where has time gone???)

I am feeling stressed, which means my body is SUPER nausea's because that is what stress and anxiety do to me. DO YOU KNOW how stress and anxiety manifest themselves in your body???

If you don't, I would STRONGLY encourage you to discover their manifestations because that knowledge is crucial to processing the emotions and situations that are the root cause. 

SO BACK UP to my stress...

I was woken up by my doggie whining and crying. I went and investigated and in her cage was vomit and the runny stuff that comes out the other end- THE SMELL!!!!! gag! Dry heave, dry heave.

After an hour of taking care of her and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning I returned to bed to hear her cry some more. Anyhoo, she ended up in our room and I didn't go back to sleep until my alarm started buzzing. 

Lack of sleep is a FANTASTIC trigger for stress for moi. Plus, you add the smell of sick doggie burps and you have a nausea mess over here. 

I know I need to get out of my head and relax but sometimes that is easier said than done.

But there are some things that can help address the anxiety:

Writing my thoughts and situation is SO THERAPEUTIC. Not only does it help me discover what I am actually feeling but it literally gets those thoughts out of my head and onto paper or a computer screen. I find once those thoughts are no longer swirling around my mind I have a better chance to succeed in my next step...

a SIMPLE meditation is super helpful when I am feeling stressed. I inhale and think the words "I am" and then exhale and think the word I desire to manifest within myself "calm" "peace" "still" "kind" "grateful" etc... The longer I do this the greater the impact; 5-10 minutes is most helpful for me.

Whenever this stress has made itself present in my day if I take a moment to look at the rest of the day and the things I'm committed to and hope to accomplish things brighten up. I try to re-evaluate and choose what is most important and then write down a plan and move forward with this new focus and commitment. I find this very helpful because if my mind has been in a stressful place I start stressing about everything and my focus is none existent. If I look at my to do for that day and make sure only the essential things are on there it provides me with confidence for success.

SO GIVE THESE A TRY and I would LOVE to hear anything you do to reduce stress in the moment!!

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