Thursday, February 2, 2017


Hello beautiful friends!

I am starting a new and exciting adventure. 

SO, I have put on a little weight because of...well... life! Life is an exciting and exhausting adventure which has given me my fair share of up's and downs. Some of the lessons I have learnt the past couple years have also added to my body mass index.

Now, I know exactly how to lose weight. I have a past of signing up for half marathons to lose weight, engaging in high intensity fitness programs and working out so hard I can't see straight. While I have received results in these methods they are not terribly lasting life styles and PLUS I just don't feel good about abusing my body for the sake of weight loss. 

SO, why is this journey DIFFERENT??????

I am going to lose weight and change my lifestyle for good by coming unto God and learning from the teachings of Jesus Christ and his prophets. 

I will study what they have to say about the human body, it's purpose and potential. I believe as I search and ponder the truths I will discover and call upon God's power to help me take care of, respect and honor my glorious body I. WILL. TRANSFORM.  My Heavenly Father will guide me and I will be successful with His help.

I just know I will be triumphant already!I am so excited to deepen my relationship with deity and ignite my bodies physical, spiritual and mental potential.

Join me in this journey! 

I will be posting video's on my Youtube Channel and update here on my blog. 

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