Tuesday, December 20, 2016

MAUI: Sister trip

Back in the Summer the opportunity came to photograph a wedding in Hawaii on the Island of Maui. Even though I had decided not to take on anymore weddings this year I kind of couldn't resist!
After getting the a-ok from my sweetheart and realizing that Maui is far away I decided I need to make it an adventure and so I texted my sister-in-law Kim and before long we were booking flights and making arraignments. 

Like all awesome opportunities right before it happened both Kim and my weeks were lets say stressful and hormonal due to situations and females cycles. But alas we made it to Maui. I even had my first ever Uber driver take me and he didn't kidnap me which I was surprised about and grateful.
After our earrrrrrly morning flight we arrived onto a small lush island with air that stuck to our skins like Velcro. The palms trees were waving in the wind and giant bushes with radiant colorful flowers on every corner. 

Kim was the dedicated driver because driving and me haven't always had the best experiences together.  

The first night a Luau was our destination. We got there and it started to pour with rain. We were on the beach front and employees handed out ponchos so as you can imagine we looked awesome. Regardless of the rain it wasn't cold and the Luau continued. The dances were lovely and mesmerizing so much so that Kim and I nodded off a few times but I think our lack of sleep contributed mostly to our lack of alertness. 

On our drive home we giggled about sleeping, the rain and how incredibly small some of the coconuts were that covered the ladies boobies and wondered if they were glued on or not. 

Our first morning we ventured to one of the coasts about 30 miles away because we had it under good authority that dolphins played in the cove during the morning hours. We waited patiently with hopeful hearts but no dolphins:(

But we did see some people snorkeling, awesome scenery and a couple walking their pet goats.

This picture was taken right before the water engulfed my legs and I screamed for the life of my sweet darling camera. 

So on our drive back we stopped at this sweet fruit stand. The fruit was from the ladies grandfathers farm.  Our hearts were full and we were so excited to have one of there prize ice cold coconuts to drink. We had been told the fruit was pricey so we didn't say too much when they told us the coconut was $17. I was thinking "Aren't we so nice helping these people make a living!" This lady beheaded the coconut with a machete and then proceeded to give us a bunch of bananas and passion fruit. I was beaming over their kindness....until the next day we saw coconuts for $5! 

Those smelly con artists!!!!

And the coconut was NOT ice cold and it was FIZZY; we could have been poisoned!

The $17 coconut

Sailboat time!

We got sold on a sail boat ride to the island Lanai. Only three companies can dock at this island so it sounded pretty amazing and it was....and bumpy.

I was a little unsure about how exposed we were. Kim and I sat on this trampoline floor that touched the ocean and let our feet dangle in the boats wake. At no point did I see a life jacket, fear not it was utterly incredible and a little nauseating. 

During the hour boat ride there and back we saw quite a lot of skin. Less is more apparently...And one of the captains thought Kim was my girlfriend, I guess we choose the romantic couples retreat sail boat- haha!

Oh and when the ocean waves were rolling and your drink is sloshing fear not the captain will just put it in a sippy cup for you.

Our view of Maui when we sailed away

Snorkeling was AMAZING! Totally HAVE to do it again. 

Time seems to stand still when you snorkel and everything is incredibly glorious. 

I may have freaked out when the fishes or turtle turned and swam at me. I guess I like to observe but not touch. 

The island of lanai was so perfect. It was like those pictures I had seen in magazines but in real life. We face-timed our sweethearts and then went paddle boarding. There was a random local who rented us his paddle boards for a whooping $50 each but we did it because like that is ever going to happen again.

This was my first time paddle boarding and I was trying to video at the same time
 failure and lots of giggles

It was such a treat spending several days with Kim. I don't think we have ever spent more than one hour just together without our children and family. I feel blessed that I had this time to grow and strengthen our sisterhood and make glorious and hilarious and scary memories together. 

We left at some stupid hour in the morning to avoid traffic on the road to Hana. It was an excellent move by the way although we did run into one problem. We needed the bathroom you know for buisness but the last town before the road to Hana (takes about 40 mins) was practically closed because it was 5 am. both gas stations that were opened had bathrooms out of order and the coffee shop that had just opened said their bathroom was broken! 

What the heck? 

I guess the bathroom killer has been on the loose. 

Our only option was the public bathroom at a park in the pitch black. We drive up feeling nervous and there in the basketball court next to the bathroom are three men sitting on stools- so weird and CREEPY! We walk into the bathroom with phone flash lights on and pray that we don't get kidnapped. 

So much drama just for a bathroom break!

Mud slide

We passed 47 waterfalls

Hiking to the bamboo forest and giant waterfall

Seven pools.

Sometimes you can bathe in them but we came 
right after a crazy rain storm so the water was roaring.

Holy cow there are black sand beaches!!!!

I had no idea such a thing existed.


Prior to coming here we drove down a road that was not made for the tiny car we drove thank heavens we didn't get stuck and made it on time to the airport


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