Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Utah quick visit

Ben's step brother was getting married and we could not miss it!

Family weddings are always special especially when the weather is glorious and there is an abundance of lovely joyful people. 

I drove the boys EARLY Saturday morning , when I say early I mean we were driving on the road by 4:30AM! My idea behind this madness was even though i love a great wedding little boys don't so I thought if we could get to Utah by lunch time on Saturday then the boys would have 24 hours to play with cousins before church and wedding stuff. I also thought since we had a late night before with Jack's night football game (didn't get home till 10) the boys would sleep.

Well, they didn't sleep. After 3 hours of driving I had to pull over and have a good 20 minute cat nap but the boys didn't sleep a wink...S.T.I.N.K.E.R.S!

But they did LOVE having fun times with cousins. 

Walking the dogs with mama

Park fun in the heat

These two are made from the same stuff: dynamite!

The wedding was a joy!

Watching two people who adore one another and want to commit their whole selves to each other is such a beautiful thing. it always reminds me of my own wedding day and the blessing that decision has been. 

I was shooting a video discreetly but got these few images:

Here are some more cute images:

Handsome Jack

Mom and Dave


Wow, captured this steam of images to bribe him with later on in life...

Cutest nephew ever

Speedy dude

Michelle and William


One more because it brightens my day!


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