Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rafting the COLORADO!

Time seems to have slipped away from us, moving faster than normal or perhaps we are moving slower… An hour and a half behind schedule we pull up to the river and dump all the rafting equipment out. The breeze is becoming a little more determined to grow into an annoying wind but looking upward and seeing the blue sea above us I am convinced the wind will not ruin our adventure.

Last year we took the boys rafting and Lucas cried and moaned and cried some more. To say the least it was not his favorite activity. Today Lucas has been nothing but excited about floating on the water and bumping our way through rapids.

Ben parks the trailer while I release my inner wonder woman and pump up the raft. My arms start to tire but I am determined to surprise Ben so I push through like a real champion.

Clipping our life jackets on and pushing the raft into the water we set off. I hold Reagan’s leash; it’s her first time she on a raft and she is convinced it’s a jail sentence! Her whining begins and echo’s throughout the canyon. We smile pleasantly at other rafters as they simply cannot help stare at the maker of such interesting sounds.

Reagan is scouting ways to escape this terrifying raft. I look at Ben and suggest I let her jump out to see her reaction, he nods and smiles. I loosen the leash and she plummets into the cold river. Under she goes and almost immediately her nose pierces the water and she looks at me with wide eyes begging to come back into the once dreaded raft now her safety zone.

Bouncing through the rapids Lucas squeals with delight. Reagan is still. Jack giggles and Ben keeps us all safe. Rafting on days like today is simply perfect. 


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