Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to school

It's that time when summer closes it's wings of late nights and too much naughty food and we regain focus and start school. 

For us not only did we start school but a NEW school. It is a big dealio for us Carney's. 

I love love LOVE these two cutie patooties! My life is so much brighter and fuller because they fill it up.

Lucas the human adorable soft toy is my FULL day Kindergartner!!!!!
He did kindergarten last year and we felt re-taking this year would help set him up for success. He was excited about having lunch at school but nervous about making friends.

The second day he told me "I think I am good now, I don't need to go to school anymore" he was sad when I reminded him that he has a lot of years of school ahead of him BUT then decided to go and practice his skateboard. 

My main man Jack the Awesome dude is headed into 4th GRADE!!! 
Say WHAT!!!????!

He got a REALLY great feeling about his teacher and classroom. I think this year Jack is going to soar. I love this young-man. He is gaining more and more confidence in himself and is being a great big brother. 


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