Wednesday, August 31, 2016

4th July parade in Jackson Hole

This was the second year in a row we celebrated 4th of July in Jackson Hole. The parade is the longest I have seen. It's fun, loud and engaging. There are some interesting people to feast your eyes on during the parade. Lots of laughter and sunshine. I would highly recommend going!

My mni fellas!


These mules were so well behaved. the entire time they walked in a figure of eight. 
It was pretty impressive.

That smile!

My boys! I am pretty chuffed they are mine:)


On the way to fireworks the sunset was STUNNING! 
The sun's ability to transform the sky blows my mind:)



Our last picture as we were leaving to return home. 

Such grand times.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Football Season has arrived

Jack is on a new football team this year due to moving.

His team is the COUGARS and he is number 11 again!! They had their first pre-season game and he played center but since then he has a new position. 

His team played two other teams back to back and it was fun to see them put their hard work into action. Everyone on the team seems nice and the coaches are committed. 

I am excited for another Football season!!!!

Receiving advice and encouragement from Coach Carr. 

Ben and his dog.

Running back from going pee...

After game chat

Finding coach funny




Quick camping trip

Last minute right before school started we took our trailer up into the mountains for a spin and a sleep over. 

It was fast and beautiful. Jack had strep, Ben and I were tired so we basically slept. Our dog had a blast until an angry human banged on our trailer door saying very mean things about our dog... Lucas was, well Lucas the chill and sweet kiddo. 

I barely took any pictures but here is a snippet:


Backyard Water Goodness

This summer was magic!

After moving to a new area I was nervous about our summer. I was wondering how the boys would respond BUT I knew Heavenly Father would look out for us and provide goodness.


He did!


We have been so blessed with awesome neighbors, with a glorious home, a delightful and very friendly neighborhood. Often if we can trust Heavenly Father and choose to see the GOOD he sends more and gives the ability to receive and see it more and more.

Sometimes Costco is awesome and has a sweet deal...
 A day early on in the summer the boys and I were at Costco and suddenly our eyes were diverted to a large blow-up backyard pool. Immediately all of our hearts fluttered and our minds determined the Carney family needed this pool. 

We checked out with the pool in tow:)

We have had some epic backyard water goodness with our new pool!

It's the small things...

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