Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Granite Creek: 4th JULY!!!

This is the second year we have driven to Wyoming, to the dirt road that leads to a little piece of paradise called "Little Granite Creek". 

We lucked out and got the very very very best camping spot. Right next to the bubbling brook surrounded by mountains, pine trees and wildlife. 

There is something so magical about being in the wilderness, surrounded by raw untamed beauty and having no way to connect to the outside world. Although my monthly friend turned up (my period...) I was able to enjoy the loveliness and tranquility in between cramps and hormonal imbalances... haha, more than you needed to know but let's face it; it's a regular and normal occurrence for a large population of the world...

back to the beauty of Granite Creek. 

We really RELAXED. 
We played, 
laid in hammocks, 
walked in the creek, 
went to the hot springs, 
ate a LOT of food, 
shot guns, 
went on walks 

Love this cheesy fella!

A great mother-in-law:

Happiest dog on earth right here:

Jack caught a fish with the assistance of his daddy:

Truck bed driving is THE. BEST!

The abundance of wildlife at our fingertips

Night time fishing was an absolute favorite! 
Watching Ben catch that fish on a mouse he has tied was SUPER FUN!

My fishing crush:


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