Thursday, June 9, 2016

Musical season 2016

Back in March I had my second year choreographing for the children's  Platte Valley Players. I absolutely LOVED it and feel incredibly blessed to work with such fabulous people and splendid kiddos. 

There is something quite fantastic that happens inside my heart when I get to sit in the audience and watch these kids sore with confidence and radiate light. It is one of the most wonderful experiences and totally worth the stress and overwhelm. 

2016 shows were (after much deliberation) 


I feel deeply in love with both musicals and all these amazing human beings. 

When I get to teach kids and work with other creatives I feel electric in the best sense of the word!

Enjoy this movie I put together from dress rehearsal week;

In our older kids the musical "Honk" our lead became very sick. On the third show she was doing really bad and everyone was so worried for her. I was back stage taking care of things that night. All the kids were so deeply concerned about Josie and wanted to help her. Several of them came and asked me what we could do. I said lets help sing her song from back stage to help her feel our support and then we could pray for her. I was amazed by the amount of kids that rally-ed around me and prayed that our sweet friend, that she would have strength to get through her songs and feel our love and the love of God. It was such a tender moment that I will ever be thankful for; standing in a circle, rubbing shoulders in prayer with young believers. 

God came through for Josie and helped her finish the show and our faith was strengthened and love strengthened for each other. 


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