Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas tree adventure

Once upon a time a family of four went on their yearly tradition of finding their perfect Christmas tree in the wilderness of Colorado. Oh what fun they had, trudging through snow, sledging and exploring. And yes, they did find the perfect 2 trees and loaded them back on top of the car.
The over excited mama had her camera in tow as always capturing the adventure for posterity's sake but her battery died before the REAL fun could be captured. So sadly you won’t see the moment of driving into an aspen tree and wedging it into the bumper of the car
watching two brothers laugh and giggle while being pulled on the sledge behind the car and the younger one’s face having a smack-down with an adolescent tree branch throwing him backwards
spilling hot chocolate all over the backseat of the car
a meltdown due to an angry bladder that needed to be released
So go ahead a watch the video but know from a trusted source that the adventure wasn’t as picture perfect as it seems…
Although the Christmas trees...they ARE PERFECT!


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