Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas day 2015

In the Carney household there is a very important rule on Christmas day: No presents till 7am! You see if mum and dad Carney don't get sufficient sleep they can become monsters and monsters are not allowed on Christmas day. Thankfully the mini Carney's understand the benefit of this rule and keep it by not waking up at crazy early morning hours...

Mum and dad were snuggled up close to one another wrapped in the yellow and blue chevron comforter. Hair wild and mouths open catching bugs deep in a sleep so needed. Jack pushed open the door and quickly slipped himself under the covers and nestled in next to his daddy. Within minutes the three of them were sharing excited chatter about Christmas, presents, Santa and magic. Slowly, the shortest Carney entered the room still in doze until his eyes meet his brothers and as if magic traveled through the air into his eyes the joy of Christmas twinkled. 
Rolling in bed giggling, wiggling, shaking with excitement they gave themselves to the traditions and childlike wonder of Christmas!

Adhering to the protests of the Carney brothers the whole family stayed home, in PJ's playing new toys, sharing all the new wonders, skyping with loved ones and relaxing...Oh how wonderful it was to relax. 

Christmas dinner was spent with family; truly wonderful.


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