Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Unbashful Joy

I was standing in the hot sweltering sun. My eyes are on the front blue doors of the school, waiting patiently for Mrs Cook to push it open and let adorable kindergarten children run out. 

It opens. 
I lock eyes with my Lucas, he and his friend come over to me. They are chattering with enthusiasm and joy.

 "The gingerbread man! The gingerbread man! He ran away!" 
"yes, Mrs. Sugar told us so" 
"We went looking for him but he is gone!"
"I saw him run through the library!"
"Do you think he went to our house?"
"Lets look for him."

Stars of magic filled their eyes. 
Their smiles was filled with sparkling teeth and dimpled checks. 
What a gift it was to be the recipient of such unbashful joy and happiness. 

Why do we let the everyday grind get in the way of seeing life through the eyes of a child? There is so much magic every day. Countless time Lucas stops me to show me a caterpillar, a beetle, a ladybug, a flower, to hear birds sing and feel the breeze, to see a new silly face, or listen to a newly learned song. 

I want to recognize the magic that surrounds me. I get to determine what the world looks like, my thoughts, my perspective are determined by the filter I choose to see my world. 

I choose to see the magic!



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