Monday, September 28, 2015

This is us

I am so thankful for my family, beautiful autumn leaves, sunshine and smiles. 

This was a "set the camera up on the bonnet of the car, hit the timer button and pray for good results" sort of family photo shoot. It was about 10 minutes of our life, the boys weren't terrible but were beyond glad when it was over, Ben was a cheerleader and full of good spirits and I am so thankful!

Of course we have to be silly because that is a part of our genetic make-up.

10 years of marriage and it really does keep getting better. I would not want to go through this life with anyone else beside me. 

Jack Attack! 
He is as intense as they come. 
I am amazed by his thoughts, perspective and ability to analyze and situation.
He is passionate, determined, creative and innovative... 
There is a good chance he could change the world!
SO, so, so blessed and honored to be his mother.

Lucas or "Lukie" as we call him.
He is a delight with an outpouring of gratitude that is constantly spilling from his heart. 
He is easy going most of the time but if he has made a decision good luck changing his mind.
He believes school is "just too much work" and would rather be done with it. 
I adore being with this mini man; he is a gift to me and try to live so I will be a gift to him.

"Eternity is composed of now's"


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