Thursday, September 24, 2015

Star Valley Family Reunion

We meet in Jackson Hole, WY and our family reunion began. After walking around, having lunch in a fun playhouse restaurant, looking at art work and laughing a fair amount we headed to Star Valley to find our cabin and get situated.
Star Valley Wyoming you are stunning! I want to serenade you with love songs because I am enchanted by your wonders. Your colors are so vibrant and magical that I feel obliged to thank God for creating you.

Our Star Valley family reunion was supposed to be predominately white water rafting and hiking but mother nature had different plans...rain, thunder and lighting. We didn't complain because we were there seeping in the beauty that surrounded us even if it was through the giant windows of the cabin.

As night fall came we turned off all the lights in the cabin and retreated to the mud room while someone went to hide. After 2 minutes and Jack yelling a bellowing countdown from 10 we all dispersed into the darkness and the games of sardines began. We searched, we found, we hid, we screamed and we laughed SO hard and SO much and did it again and again.

I think this reunion will be remembered for sardines, sliding competitions and Beth interrupting a man in song... Good times.

Now to find a way to live in Star Valley permanently...


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