Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jack my mini photographer

Jack was not as excited as I was about my idea of going on a hiking adventure in the hot summer heat. I really knew this is what my gang of three needed to disperse our negative feelings but didn't want to take them kicking and screaming. I decided to bribe... 

"Do you want to take my old camera and make it a photography adventure?" 

"Are you kidding?! Yes! I want to do that!" was his exuberant response.

He was somewhat bouncing all over the place so I took this opportunity to lay the down the law with regards to using yours truly's photography equipment. 

It was such a tickle to have to wait for Jack on the hike as he was constantly crouching down taking a photo or testing out a different angle to create the image he wanted. He really had an enriching experience. He kept saying "mom, this is just so beautiful!" I think he is starting to learn more and more how spectacular this world we live in really is!

Here is Jack's gallery, I am so proud of him!



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Lesley-Ann said...

Wow that is amazing and Jack is going to be just like his Mum, AWESOME :-)

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