Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A banquet in Evanston

On the second day of our trip we drove to Evanston, WY, to meet my parents and brother who was visiting from Australia. We thought it would be fun to drive half way and hang out for a day. Evanston is a small town with little to do so we planned on taking a picnic and exploring the state park. It was planned to be a day of sunshine, nature, food and family. 

The problem is we have no control over the weather and the closer we got to Evanston the harder the rain poured. We meet in the visitors center and shared belly laughs over how the weather resembled our England holidays.

With the very short list of indoor activities to do we choose the museum (which was small but fun!) and the recreational center. I called up the rec center and asked if it would be ok for us to have our lunch there, the answer was yes! Little did they know mother dearest had brought plates, cups, silver ware, a giant ,kitchen roll and even bum wipes... 

There were several moments when we laughed and laughed and laughed. Tears were strolling down my face and it felt SO good to embrace and absorb the hilarious situation. We caused quite the commotion in this little, quiet rec center that all the other people were staring at us and some didn't even seem to blink. I guess we were quite entertaining compared to the everyday experiences one might encounter in Evanston.  

My Brother and I

Mum and Beth

Dad and I

My world!

All of us!

The original Presbury's!

Mum and I


Oh the faces we pull!

Enjoying the river


Uncle "Frank"... his name is not Frank but the kids think it is.. haha, so funny!

After arriving back at Beth's trailer, having dinner and getting the boys ready for bed I escaped and did yoga with a stunning sunset as my backdrop.


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