Thursday, June 25, 2015

Slow Summer

Normally my summers are packed with so much stuff; co-running a music and dance youth program for 7 weeks, morning group exercise classes, many photography sessions, adventuring with my boys and maybe some cleaning. 

This year I am adventuring with boys, cleaning my home, having mornings structured with reading and music practice (not always welcomed by the participants...) swim lessons, soccer practice, playing around the yard and being bored.

I am convinced that being bored is really important for kids. It drives me CRAZY to hear "I'm bored! What can I do?" But the times I have been persistent in giving them the space to feel it out creative play always occurs and it goes on for a good amount of time. That's when I find myself smiling and giving myself a little pat on the back for not caving into the easy options of entertainment. 

I have been amazed at how the summer hasn't been as daunting as I initially thought it would be. I thought without all my commitments I would really go crazy with the boys and that has not been the reality. Granted yes, there are times that the boys get intense emotions, argue and aggravate each-other BUT there have been many times that are enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons. 

Without my personal agenda and ego constantly calling for my attention I have found myself more capable to respond with love and patience or see that I need a break to re-group. This has been really helpful for creating the atmosphere needed in our home to cultivate positive growth. 

Today right now I am grateful for the space I am experiencing due to the slow summer schedule. 

The other day the boys and I were having one of those mornings where emotions got the best of us and I knew we need a change of environment to help us reset of attitudes. We went hiking and it was fantastic! I am so thankful for the joy nature brings to my family. We discovered a lake and played in it. Lucas took his pants and underwear off and started wading instantly... 



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Lesley-Ann said...

What great photos :-)

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