Monday, June 29, 2015

Lucas finishes Soccer

Lucas is sweet, 
has a giant squishy heart, 
is hilarious, 


Lucas is not competitive. 

He loved soccer season or at least he said he did. He talked about playing and practicing soccer constantly but when it came to game days I think he was most excited about the end when he gets to check out the awesome snack.  On our day to provide the snack he spent days planning and deciding what snacks his teams mates would enjoy. It was simply a joy to watch him think about his little buddies with such abounding love. 

Most game days as the Carney family we were encouraging Lucas to follow the ball, get closer, kick the ball and run, run run! 

Most of the time Lucas pulled his shirt up, trailed behind, picked some grass, chatted with a fellow team mate, flirted with the girls and watched the ball as it rolled practically over his toes. 

But it was always a great time full of smiles from everyone. 

It has been such a contrasting experience watching Lucas play team sports in comparison to his extraordinary competitive brother. I am so thankful to call both of them mine!

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