Friday, May 8, 2015

Raining and pouring

It has been chucking it down here in Denver. Major down pouring or misty rain CONSTANTLY! Truly, I keep thinking I am back in England but then I see the mountains and hear American accents everywhere and realize I am just in the state with an identity crises otherwise known as Colorado. Oh I love this state!

I had asked Lucas if he wanted to play in the rain and his quick response was "yes! That's a great idea!"

And so we did play in the rain. 

I ran inside and grabbed the camera (it's been getting a little dusty lately) and quickly captured our fun fleeting play date in the rain. 


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Lesley-Ann said...

I love that song Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head, haven't heard it for years brought back many memories. Loved watching Lucas in the rain too :-)

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