Friday, May 15, 2015


This year I made it to ALL of field day and was it fun or what?!

It was a blast watching Jack with his competitive nature competing against his buddies.


Friday, May 8, 2015

hiking in the rain

Reagan and I went on our weekly hike and this time it was sopping wet, lush and green, green, green! 

God lives and made this amazing world. I am SO grateful for Him and these creations that testify of Him. 

I saw so many wonders I think my eyes are full to the brim with images of beauty.

Check it our for yourself;


Raining and pouring

It has been chucking it down here in Denver. Major down pouring or misty rain CONSTANTLY! Truly, I keep thinking I am back in England but then I see the mountains and hear American accents everywhere and realize I am just in the state with an identity crises otherwise known as Colorado. Oh I love this state!

I had asked Lucas if he wanted to play in the rain and his quick response was "yes! That's a great idea!"

And so we did play in the rain. 

I ran inside and grabbed the camera (it's been getting a little dusty lately) and quickly captured our fun fleeting play date in the rain. 


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Creative dance club spring 2015

Our school has a new principle and I am so happy!

She is fabulous and so motivated to creative a community within the school. After mentioning my desire to create an after school dance program she was right behind me making it happen. I was so grateful and excited she was passionate about the arts and serious about getting parents involved within our school. 

I had the privilege to teach these lovely, kind, creative, brave and smart girls. 

Dancing with these girls and being a small positive influence in their lives was such a joy! Tuesday morning we finished out 7 week program and performed for 4th and 5th grade in a morning Assembly. 

I was so please to see shy girls dance with their heads held high,
older girls be leaders and bright examples to the others,
less coordinated girls dance with poise
and all of them dance with confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

I love dance!
It brings me such joy but I see it as a vehicle in which myself and others can gain greater confidence, learn more about ourselves and connect with each-other and the world around us. 

Here is picture one of the grandma's snapped for us, my eyes are half closed but I love it dearly because of the little ladies I stand with.


A cute example of how cute Lucas is...

Lucas held my face between his hands, stared into my eyes and said

"i love you!"

I said,

"Every night when i pray I thank Heavenly Father for sending me you and Jack."

He said,

"oh good because I chose you up there,

all the others moms were ugly, ugly, ugly

and then I saw you and you were just right!"

And then my heart exploded with love and confetti. 


First trip to Soda Lake of 2015

It was a splendid Saturday. The sun was casting its warm rays on everything in sight. We felt energized and alive by the sudden delicious weather, We decided we would scooter to the lake, 2.5 miles away. I walked and the boys scooted like champions. We hung out at the lake and played in the pack raft. 

It was a little slice of heaven. 

Getting outside does wonders for the Carney family! Just wonders...

Life is good when you take time to recognize how wonderfully you are blessed. 
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