Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lucas creates

A few mornings ago Lucas told me that he wanted to make some scriptures. 

Lately he has taken a lot of interest in his scriptures and it makes my heart fill with joy. 

He brought his Book of Mormon down and said he wanted to copy it and make his own. 
I cut the paper and stapled them and then Lucas CREATED.
It was pure delight to watch him copy letters; paying detailed attention. 
He then copied each picture; seriously I have never seem him put so much effort into any drawing before this. 

This little book is a treasure indeed!

It makes my heart swell with joy as I see my children learn, remember and love the stories in the scriptures. The scriptures bring me such joy, comfort and peace. They direct me and teach me. 
I know they are true!
I pray that one day my boys will have testimonies of the truthfulness of the scriptures because that knowledge has blessed my life in un-measurable ways. 


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