Thursday, November 6, 2014

be as a little child

I am yet making another giant mess sewing what seems like a bazillion pillows. There is fabric shewn everywhere and thread hanging off my clothing. I'm trying to focus on sewing a straight line (a challenge for me) when Lucas and his buddy walk in the door with a Easter basket covered in dirt. Under the dirt are carrots from our garden, "Can we eat them?" they ask. "Sure" I say.

Then the sweetest thing happened. I am still zoned in on sewing when I hear a little 3 year old suggest, "we should pray" "OK, I'll say it" Lucas responded. I slightly turn to see them sat close together with the arms crossed and eyes squeezed shut;

Heavenly Father
Thank you for these carrots,
please make them taste good
in the name of Jesus Christ 

They then proceeded to take nibbles in carrots they quickly lost interest and disappeared into the back yard to discover something else... What a gift this moment was. They remembered their Heavenly Father, their God Almighty, they wanted to thank Him. They reminded me to more frequently talk with my Father in Heaven and to follow Jesus' counsel and be as a little child.

I am so thankful for their example to me.


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