Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sept re-cap

Lucas is the sweetest chicken owner. He loves collecting eggs and being in the yard with the chickens.

Enjoy this sweet video of Lucas in action:

Jack's class had a cool bridge building activity at school that I got to attend and participate in, you can watch the video here

Sleeping moments of September 2014

Lucas and I before school one day. I love making silly faces with him!

We drove up into the mountains to find the colorful leaves of Autumn. 

Jack was in the car having a meltdown so just Lucas and I got out to enjoy the wonders while Ben tested his patience. 

After we got pizza at this hole in the wall and it was yummy!

Jack fractured his elbow

More silly faces this time with Jack attack

Lucas and I went on a date and had a grand old time. Enjoy his ramblings in the car to Yogurtland.

Jack played flag football until he fractured his elbow.

More phone pictures from our life

Our church had a great end of summer fair in the mountains, there was candy floss, bouncy house (where Jack fractured his elbow), food booths and fun games.

We got released from serving in our branch and here we are after our first Sunday at our new ward; the Quincy ward.

In September I feel deeper in love with Yoga! Truly, I am loving the strength and progress I am achieving through the medium of yoga. the boys have fun with me also. I wanted to video myself to see if I actually was doing it right and I thought the footage was quite fun with Lucas climbing all over me so I posted it below for your enjoyment...

Now we are in October and already have pumpkins on our doorstep and are talking about Halloween.

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Gwen said...

Good grief that boy looks like Ben!! The chicken video is incredible and I am so excited to see your incredibly rare liver and white spotted, 4 legged chicken. Where on earth did you find her??

And what did you do to your eye?

Love you and glad September was so incredible!

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