Thursday, October 30, 2014


I found some more photos with Ben's dad who we lost in July.
Each picture I find of him is another tender mercy and treasure. Oh how we miss him...

Grandpa and Lucas

I found these adorable pictures of the boys with Dallin; man I miss that cute kid! 
What a blessing it was to have him in our home so often for a couple of years. 
We love you Dallin and you were so stinking adorable!

Silliness with Reagan and Jack back in 2011. 
Wow that seems so long ago. Jack was so squeezable.

Lucas finally starting to wobble around on two legs. 
He was so slow at the whole walking thing but look at the joy  in that chubby face!

Sometimes I find so much joy from looking back and remembering parts of my lovely life: 
 the people, the blessings, where we have come from and how we have grown;
physically and spiritually. 

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