Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lucas has special help

Lucas' teacher pulled me aside and commented that she and the other specialists think Lucas has some sensory issues as well as his speech and educational challenges. Several red flags have been coming up and they wanted me to take a survey about Lucas. I asked some questions about how he is doing with his peers because he talks a lot about friends but I was unsure if he actually was playing with them during school and recess.

"So is he communicating with his friends?"
" no, not really... mostly we see grunting and growling from him"

My heart sank. I think it hit the floor, I felt warm and held back tears. I thought he had come so far...he has but he still has so far to go to be where his peers are. No wonder most days he doesn't want to go to school. Does he know he is different? Does he feel left out? Does he realize that he sounds different? Does he have a hard time understanding others and feel isolated?

What can I do better?
How can I help close the gap between him and his peers?

I will be focusing my prayers on how I can be a better instrument in helping Lucas gain the skills he needs to learn and grow. 


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