Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rambling thoughts in October

I am sitting at the computer (surprise) Lucas is watching Wild Krats and finally my mind is alone. Just me and this screen. It feels quite lovely to be honest because Lucas screamed and cried on and off for almost 3 hours. There was a few moments when  I thought my head might explode but somehow Thanks to Heaven I had patience and what a blessing it was. Now I am just going to write...

My mind is full with ideas, even exploding. What a gift it is to have ideas and creative thoughts... it really if a gift and I thank God for blessing me with my quirky, innovative and creative mind. BUT, there is always a but, right? Sometimes the chaos and noise of all the ideas paralyzes me and then none of these incredible ideas ever show their potential.

Where to start; somewhere. I don't think it always matters where we start but that we do start. Too often we allow the fear of failure stand in our way of trying and living. I have some good experience with failing so I don't think that's my problem. For me I like all my ideas and am in love with them one day and not the next this inconsistency creates a challenge to move forward.


I have decided to start taking Independent study classes (they are even free!) to act as a staring point. I loved taking college and miss learning. I am always learning but I want to challenge myself this will be a board that I can propel myself forward into something glorious. I'll ask my father in Heaven what I should do, fill my life with goodness, read the scriptures, pray and listen to messages from Heaven. I think for a time I was looking for answers to my challenges and desires in the wrong places when I have a God as a Father who made me, who knows me and who has plans for me. I pledge to ask Him to guide me and then to listen.

I love the following quote by our prophet. Jesus really did experience what we experience and what did he do...listened to His Father.


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