Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference Carney Style

This past weekend was a special one for our family; it was 184th semi-annual General Conference of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. This is a time we listen to our prophet and apostles and other church leaders. They share messages of hope, faith, encouragement and counsel; it's pretty darn special!

Since having kids General Conference has been a little more challenging as it entails a lot of listening something that most kids struggle with, heck adults do to! In the last few years here, here and here I have been inspired but challenged with trying to make conference spiritual and enjoyable with wriggly children. This year was our most successful!

The truth is I want my kids to remember General Conference as good, fun and special times not times when their mother was angry and mad at them for not being muted statues. We have developed some lovely traditions around conference that are really starting to be spacial. Our Sunday morning starts with a breakfast. Ben's dad was the founder of this tradition this year we missed him but had his love of this tradition in our hearts and forever it will stay there. We watch conference while the boys play and then during the afternoon session we make a fort and listen after which we take a drive into the mountains.

I am so grateful for technology that I can re-listen this week and for the rest of the year for continual spiritual nourishment but can have my focus on the actually conference days be making traditions centered around General Conference with my dear family.

Enjoy our little video of our Sunday together for General Conference.

song is called "Glorious" Performed by David Archuleta for this movie

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Lesley-Ann said...

Love it you guys are just so awesome and we love you all :-)

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