Friday, October 10, 2014

An awesome Ted talk about Listening and photos

I just listened to this talk on TED by Julian Treasure. It is about being a better listener; something I can defiantly improve upon. I really took to heart the things he had to say about this subject. I constantly feel like my children are not listening to me and yet I am not really listening to them and the world around me. 

I really think this is something that can improve our lives, families and communities and in the end the world. If we were taught and trained ourselves how to better listen imagine the kind of relationships we could be apart of. I think my world would be dramatically different; a more full and engaging life. 

Sometimes I get too focused on my to do lists and miss opportunities to connect and deepen relationships and the better understand those around me in my life. If I truly believe that relationships are one of the few things we will take with us into the next life - which I do - then I need to commit to better improving my abilities to listen because as I listen consciously I will live more fully! 

Take a few minutes (7 minutes) and watch it and learn:)

Here is my husband whom I am deeply in love with. 
He is a hard worker
and the best companion for me!

Ben and Reagan vegging on the coach

Family goofiness in our front yard!


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