Monday, September 29, 2014

Katy and Brandon's wedding

Ben's step sister got married and we had the privilege of attending their marriage and reception. It was lovely to be there and lovely to be together as a couple for so many hours without our darling kiddies!

I snapped just a few photos of their wedding without being too obnoxious with my camera. Oh it's so hard not to take photos of beautiful events but I tried hard to not get in the way of the hired photographers and only pulled out my camera a few times:)

Of course I could take all the pictures of Ben and I so I did. He is getting so much more tolerant of my desire to take photos but he gives me a hard time when I take these selfies with my DSLr camera. Oh well I love these pictures of us!


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Lesley-Ann said...

Love your pictures and love you and Ben too :-)

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