Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Heavens parental guidence

Today Jack walked through the door after school "you are SO mean!" exploded out of his mouth. Then there was a whole lot of accusing, anger and frustration seeping out of every pore on Jack's body. His P.E teacher had called me to ask if Jack could play because of his arm being in a splint...no was the answer and apparently when the doctor plainly explained to Jack a week ago that he was not to play football or other sports it was not clear enough. Of course in situations as these it is always the mothers fault.

An afternoon of overly dramatic and angry feelings zooming around my house for sometime. I sat on my bed stopped folding the mounds of laundry folded my arms and asked for help from heaven.

Normally, I would scold my Father in heaven for making my child so difficult... pathetic but its the truth. This time through humility I asked that my perfect Father in heaven would help me see how much I love my child, have a greater desire to want to teach him through love and kindness and actually help me love aspects of it. 

It was remarkable. No angles came and perfected my situation. Jack didn't suddenly switch from being the dramatic and emotional seven year old and I didn't magically have all the answers. I did however feel peace. My heart softened as I realized I wasn't really mad at Jack I was mad at how I was reacting to him or my lack of love towards helping him.

As I spoke with him I was calmer, had inspiration to teach him a principle in a way that was better than anything I could ever have come up with. I was able to focus on my reaction and try to seek God's direction rather than try to control my child. What a shift that was! So often I am trying to control and make Jack into something that is easy and continent for me while I refuse to listen to God  myself. This time I was focused on listening to what my Heavenly Father wanted me to do, I was trying to submit myself to Him. 


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