Friday, September 26, 2014

early release day = dog park fun!

Jack had an early release day which means he finished school 2 hours early. I though that we would go on a fun and wonderful walk to the dog park. After a bunch of crying, mess making, arguing and frustration we finally left the house... I was thinking "why oh why am I doing this?" 

After some counsel where I am sure my kids would have been rolling their eyes as they sat in the back of the car we had a very enjoyable walk to and from the dog park. I guess it was worth all the drama. It is safe to assume that Reagan loved every minute. 

We arrived home to the task of saving the chickens from a bird of prey... all chickens were found scared but safe with feathers littering the yard. 

My life might be crazy and messy but it's mine and I am thankful God has given it to me.

Oh, our adventures!


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