Monday, May 26, 2014

A full heart

I am sitting here reflecting over some experiences I have had in the last week and my heart if full. 

I want to feel closer to God and happen to expect so much from him with little thanks for all He has given me and continues to give me daily and yet He comes through by offering me experiences that can mold my heart and strengthen my soul. 

This week my eyes were opened. 

OPENED WIDE to the gifts I have been given;

Parents that wanted to raise me and raised me with abounding love and support while being wonderful examples.
An extended family who adored me and blessed my life richly.

A life where Jesus Christ's gospel was the center and I was given a bounty of opportunities to come to know God and grow a personal testimony of Him!

-If these were the only blessings I had in life I would already be RICHLY BLESSED. 

This week  I have reflected upon the blessings I have and wondered why I was so blessed when others were born into circumstances that brought challenge, distress, sadness and abuse.


 I don't know why I was born into a family with so much love and others are not
can share the LOVE I know and feel with those who haven't had it. 

This was an "A Ha!" moment for me. 
Perhaps, I was given so much as a challenge to see what I would do with everything. 

Would I keep it to myself?

Would I share it?

This last week has validated that when I share it I am filled with light and goodness and most importantly I feel closer to God. 

Thank you Heavenly Father for teaching me in small and beautiful ways.

I hope I can better share YOUR love with those around me. 


Friday, May 23, 2014

My dog

Reagan was sick:( 

Sad day or sad 4 days!

She was vomiting and pooping Diarrhea or poo juice as we like to call it. 

Luckily, she did it in the bath tub when we were out of the house. This made cleaning up much easier.

We had to visit the vet and now she is back to her normal self...well almost.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quick trip to California: Day 2

We headed out to the Catholic mission in Carmel; it was a really beautiful and a sacred building. Even though I am not Catholic I love learning about their history and the stories of great Christians who gave so much of their life for the name of God. Too often we focus on our differences but I think there are many similarities between faiths and that is a glorious thing!

 I really enjoyed the following quote from pope John Paul:

There was a little farmers market with DELICIOUS strawberries. Seriously the best I have had in a LONG time. 

After our visit to the Mission we went into Carmel and ate breakfast at Katy's Place it was yet another delight. Great atmosphere and yummy food. 

Back to the beech! The weather was close to perfection this time. The water was full of surfers waiting for the perfect wave to carry them to shore. People were walking their dogs, playing and enjoying the sun.  

We drove past an artichoke farm! I had no idea this is how artichokes grew. WOW, how cool and crazy.

Then we went through Santa Cruz and it was super fun! I LOVE the palm trees and the weather was so glorious plus we got to see sea lions and they were so AWESOME! 

San Francisco was our last and final stop. We met our dear friend Gwen and explored the whole city. We walked and walked and rode the cable and walked more. It was simply wonderful!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Quick trip to California: Day 1

This is a picture of me with my best friend next to the seashore in  Carmel, California. 

This is what I look like when I am totally relaxed and thrilled!

Ben had a business trip to San Francisco and on a whim mentioned that I should join him for the weekend before. Immediately, no was my answer, not because I don't LOVE spending time with him and not because I don't LOVE the coast BUT because I HATE finding someone to watch my kids. Finding a babysitter causes me tons of anxiety that I often will turn down opportunities because I don't want to go through the hassle. 

I am so glad that I decided to re-think my response and that wonderful people were willing to help out with our kids!

Our trip was no stop and packed with awesomeness. I expressed that I wanted to travel and see new places near San Francisco that are easier to do with just the two of us. That's what we did.

We arrived at 10am saturday morning picked up our rental car from little miss valley girl at super cheap car rentals; that was hilarious but the type of hilarious that you had to have been there... We took off and headed toward Pebble Beach to drop off our stuff at Ben's boss' family vacation home. Wow! It was delightful and So kind of him to offer it to us {some people are just so lovely}

We then hopped back in the car and headed to Big Sur.The sights on that ride were simply breathtaking. 
Decide for yourself...

We finally got to Big Sur and it was absolutely worth the drive. I found myself smiling and being blown away by its beauty.

Headed back to Carmel and we passed an English telephone booth. I HAD to have my picture. Ben said I was so goofy and I knew that was code for adorable so I did it anyway:)

Oh the trees! I LOVED the huge amazing trees! I was talking like a broken record, "Oh my! I love these trees! Wow did you see that tree?" and on and on...

We ate dinner in the most adorable restaurant. A restaurant where the manager plays his guitar, the tiny cook sings with a big glorious voice and the servers sit and drum the beat to the music. Everyone was clapping and dancing in their seats. It was simply wonderful! Plus the food was delicious! I choose lamb and it was the best choice. 

To the beach in Carmel. Oh the beautiful beach. It was crazy windy but completely beautiful. I wanted to get a a picture of a headstand. Quite frankly I was amazed that I held in in the wind but I did get sand everywhere but it was worth it. 

One our way to the house we passed the Mission, watched the sun go to bed and ended the day in the hot tub. 

A little piece of perfection!

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