Thursday, December 18, 2014


These boys are growing too fast!

but bath time is still fun:)


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

playing is more fun when Christmas is here


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


sometimes you just have to wake up early and bask in the glories of God's creations. 

There are so many questions I have, so many things I wish I knew and I could waste all my energy and time drowning in all that unknown...

but i wont.

the fact is I do know God lives and that He created this earth and me 

and that my friends is 


Just look at that sunrise! I am so thankful I decided to get up and enjoy this beauty at the start of my day because I needed the peace I received to get me through some tough parenting, if you know what I mean:) 


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas tree magic

Usually we venture off into the wilderness and find the perfect charlie brown tree and give it the beautiful chance to be our very lovely Christmas tree


this year Ben has had to work LOADS so weekends were spent working and not picking a magical tree

sniff sniff

fear not my lovely friends Home depot rescued us with their assortment of trees and we picked out a winner!

She is a little more perfect and less charlie brown like but she is doing a magnificent job of spreading Christmas cheer within in the wall of our home. 

The boy are entranced by her lights and Christmas wonder.


Friday, December 12, 2014


 When Santa asked Jack what he wanted to Christmas Jack said:
a model rocket and a Nerf gun

When Santa asked Lucas what he wanted to Christmas Lucas said:
a model rocket
a bat
a helicopter
a car
an airplane
stuffed animals
angry birds
and on...



Thursday, December 11, 2014

more family time

Over the thanksgiving break we really did have a lovely time with my mum and dad. 
Went on walks
to the movies
shot off model rockets 
visited Ben's work
hung out down town
ate food
played charades 

it was simply delightful.


More walks

Rocket time 

Aren't we so lovely?

I think so...


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving day 2014

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year.
 It was so nice to stay here and have family come to us!
My mum and dad came plus our dear friends The Young's and the cheerful Clifford from Ben's work. 

I LOVED everything about the day! 
If I was to have changed anything I would have loved to hear Ben's dad saying to Jack while tickling him "I am going to sit on your head!".... Sure miss him, But I am so thankful for my knowledge of God's plan and his perfect love for us and eternal families. 

I have SO much to be thankful for . 


Thanks be to God!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Sometimes bedtime brings with it
loud noises
reluctant children who are all of a sudden STARVING
heavy eyes
bathroom breaks
hide and seek
back rubs
family time
 and sometimes
a little piece of perfect. 

I am so grateful for those little pieces of perfect because they are like
a paycheck sent from heaven motivating me to stay the course and continue
doing the hardest yet most rewarding work.

The work within my home.


Friday, November 14, 2014

A beautiful gift: The Atonement

I can't possibly imagine my life without the workings of the Atonement.
The Atonement is the greatest gift I have. 
Without the ability to repent and become clean through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I am nothing. 

The lyrics are as follows;

There is a green hill far away,
outside a city wall,
where our dear Lord was crucified
who died to save us all.

We may not know, we cannot tell,
what pains he had to bear,
but we believe it was for us
he hung and suffered there.

He died that we might be forgiven,
he died to make us good,
that we might go at last to heaven,
saved by his precious blood.

There was no other good enough
to pay the price of sin,
he only could unlock the gate
of heaven and let us in.

O dearly, dearly has he loved!
And we must love him too,
and trust in his redeeming blood,
and try his works to do.

because of What my Savior did for me my scarlet sins can become white as snow. 
I can be cleansed and restored and renewed and perfected through Christ. 
How beautiful.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

it's snowing here...

The snow started coming Monday.
Small little flurries falling slowing from the sky.
Somehow falling snow always brings with it a sense of wonder and magic.
Entranced; the boys were giddy in the front room watching our neighborhood turn white.

After homework we ventured outside to find the chickens and put them in their coop. This was harder that I had anticipated. After almost an hour and help from Jack and Lizzie we got them in their coop that was being warmed up by a heat lamp but my fingers were icicles and ready to break...but they didn't thank heavens!

It is now day three of our winter wonderland with a high of 7 degrees Fahrenheit; BURRR! It is days like today I realize I wouldn't do well in Alaska...Sorry Lindsey. Sorry Elaine. Sorry Ben. I just think I might die in the cold. Just maybe.

Jack's buddy came over and we played outside for a quick second before the white witch from Narnia turned us all in to stone


of course I made a quick little video:)


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I think that


Monday, November 10, 2014

A hard day.

It was a day that followed a glorious, powerfully enlightening day. 
I woke up after having little sleep but feeling full and joyful. Although I was tired, I was grateful. I was smiling as my boys snuggled me in bed. We took a pictures and our smiles were radiant and true.

And then I discovered a
major mice infestation; 
i'll spare you the details but I'll assure you it was awful. 
I was trying to keep a good attitude but it was just so hard. 
I allowed my negativity to rub off on my kids and fill the house. 

The day ended with me on my knees praying, asking no pleading for forgiveness...
and then I hear a child heaving, "Throw-up" I think. I run into the boys room. 
Poor Lucas is standing there shaking covered in vomit, a puddle on the new carpet and a puddle on the bed. 

Through the grace of God I was able to maintain a good attitude and sort everything out.
Lucas laid next to me in bed and we watched "the fault in your stars". After sobbing through the movie I prayed again and thanked God for my terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. Yes, my day was all those things to me but I was healthy, my body was free of disease, I have a family, an adventure called life ahead of me. I really am living a glorious journey even if it is littered with bad days. I poured out thanks unto God and shamefully admitted my faults though humility. 
Oh how grateful I am for repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

The next morning was better. The sun shined brighter and
I was closer to God. 
I could feel Him sending love and help my way;
for this I am grateful,

Lucas fast asleep the day after he was sick. 

Jack and I having movie time and togetherness time.


Friday, November 7, 2014

October re-cap

Wow what a month October was!

October started with General Conference my post about it is here; a weekend filled with goodness. There was so much excitement in the morning that Jack and Lucas bonked heads and Lucas got a pretty big bulging black eye. 

He didn't seem to sad about it.
See for yourself:

Jack's flag football season wrapped up; it was pretty fun!

It was Ben's Grandpa Carney's birthday.
 We had a beautiful family get together with food, treats and good company. 

Lucas came home from pre-school one day with his mind set on making a bat-house.
That is whats we did.
It is still sitting taped to the tree.

I did a whole bunch of yoga here and here. Spent time outside feeling alive, eating basil, being silly and doing Christmas projects a few months too soon with Lucas.

Jack got his first filling and was quite terrified. check out his hand in the second image. I think he is totally calm...right?

The boys and I went to Hudson Gardens, lots more pictures here. It was lovely and we enjoyed many wonders.

Jack had several play dates with his buddy Tyler, their video of what fun at the park looks like is here and pictures.

The picture of Ben and I, is right before he was taught how to administer my monthly B12 shots. 

I dislocated my knee and tore up my ligaments. I am doing physical therapy right now. I am being the best ever patient so I can by pass surgery:)

we carved our pumpkins here and had an awesome Halloween here

Jack participated in the Elementary school's 2nd grade "Autumn leaves" music program. 
I only got a short snippet but it sure makes my heart fill with light. 


Thursday, November 6, 2014

be as a little child

I am yet making another giant mess sewing what seems like a bazillion pillows. There is fabric shewn everywhere and thread hanging off my clothing. I'm trying to focus on sewing a straight line (a challenge for me) when Lucas and his buddy walk in the door with a Easter basket covered in dirt. Under the dirt are carrots from our garden, "Can we eat them?" they ask. "Sure" I say.

Then the sweetest thing happened. I am still zoned in on sewing when I hear a little 3 year old suggest, "we should pray" "OK, I'll say it" Lucas responded. I slightly turn to see them sat close together with the arms crossed and eyes squeezed shut;

Heavenly Father
Thank you for these carrots,
please make them taste good
in the name of Jesus Christ 

They then proceeded to take nibbles in carrots they quickly lost interest and disappeared into the back yard to discover something else... What a gift this moment was. They remembered their Heavenly Father, their God Almighty, they wanted to thank Him. They reminded me to more frequently talk with my Father in Heaven and to follow Jesus' counsel and be as a little child.

I am so thankful for their example to me.

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