Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Piano

You know what you can get with a little determination, persistence, supportive hubby with muscles, friends with trailer and willing helping hands:

I didn't realize how much I missed having a piano in my home. My dad is my favorite pianist in the world. I remember falling asleep many nights to him playing songs in his signature way. Those tunes would send me into a wonderful deep slumber.

My goal is to be able to sight read all the church hymns by the end  of the year. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Walking and Jack's photography lesson

I love walking home with these three:

Jack has been showing interest in photography which makes my heart leap! I love that he is interested in something that I do. I decided to start giving him photography lessons. We had our first in our living room which wasn't ideal lighting BUT he was so excited and Lucas had no clothes on so the living room it was. I set the aperture, shutter and ISO and then we talked about framing and using the zoom and finding complementary light. My camera is HEAVY so it was hilarious watching him try to hold it still.

I was honored to be his model. I think he did wonderfully!

Then I snapped a few of both of us

Then we took some silhouette pics! I love them!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's not what I am not doing but what I am doing...

I have feel quite deflated lately... I could be the fact that potty training is a full part of my life and I really loathe it or that its cold and February or that I am putting more focus on my wedding photography. I have found my thoughts focused on what I am not doing; the friends I should have called, the books I should have read, the acts of service I should have offered, the talents I should have developed, the times I should have spent with me kids, the parts of my house I should have cleaned and organized, the work outs I should have done the list goes on and on. While those thoughts are valid and I could and should do better in many aspects of my life I have found that I am missing something crucial. I am missing what I AM doing.

I am going to try to change my attitude and focus on what I am doing. I am waking up early everyday so I can nourish my spirit with the word of God. I am keeping my body healthy. I am reading everyday with my boys. I am teaching Lucas the Alphabet and working on his speech. I am building train tracks and marble mazes with my boys. I am making tons of freezer meals. I am working with Ben to work on ways to improve our family life. I am playing the piano daily. I am walking the dog frequently. I am improving my photography. I am striving to be more real and honest with myself and with everyone I interact with.

There are lots of things I am not doing BUT I need to remind myself that there are lots of things that I am doing that are great! Lets all focus a little more on the things we are doing because the joy and energy we receive from that will help us become the person we are hoping to become.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pancake day

I was browsing on Facebook and discovered that it was Pancake day in England! Ah! I LOVED pancake day when I was growing up. I remember spending many youth nights at church celebrating pancake day by trying to eat as many pancakes as possible and then feeling very full.

Jack is still not keen on the taste of pancakes with lemon juice and sugar BUT Lucas loved them and we have been eating them as a treat for last week!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life in pictures...

We have been doing Math

Yes, that is snot!

Play dates at the Museum!

Daily reading time together

Freaking out 



Play-dough time!

Haircut by DADDY


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Smiles and suckers

In preparation for Valentines day we happened to have a lot of suckers in our house and beautiful light and for a mommy photographer that is a great combination to take photos of kiddies.

I have been really trying to see my kids through the eyes of specifics and details. I realize that too often I have an on going to do list reel hanging out in my head that occupy's my mental brain space, this can make it challenging for me to really see the day to day details that are beautiful and flourishing in my kids character.

Here are a few details I have seen:

Jack has been doing remarkably well lately controlling his anger and temper. He has been more capable of listening to my cues when he should take a break and step away from a situation. He has been more diligent in talking about the way he feels rather than just exploding with feelings and emotions. He has been using phrases like "I really need space now" or "I need some alone time". I am really proud of him and hope I can continue to encourage him to progress in this area.

Lucas has a soft and tender heart when he makes a bad choice like hitting or being unkind he is mortified after a reprimand. Shaking shoulders, squeeze snuggles and buried head type of mortified.

Jack has figured out how to play a couple scales on the piano all by himself and will often plonk himself on the broken piano bench and play a couple scales after he jams out a tune of his own often accompanied with some head banging. It is at this point I ask him to not pound on the piano...

Lucas LOVES going on walks. No matter how cold it is he wants to go unless it is raining; he is scared of the rain. The days we drive to school Lucas throws his body on the floor in protest. I love that he enjoys being outside and can really see the wonder in his eyes as he explores the world around him.

Jack is a reluctant reader. He keeps asking why we have to read everyday. He keeps saying the reading takes FOREVER but when he has actually got over his LONG protest he does a great job. He memorizes words quite well but has a hard time sounding out words.

Lucas says "day" for "OK" and it is so cute and adorable.

Jack loves it when I pop his ears like the chiropractor, actually he loves everything to do with ears...

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