Friday, September 28, 2012

Lesson's learned from Sunday school

We have an amazing Sunday school teacher, when he teaches the scriptures become real, they become engaging and tangible. I hope one day I understand the scriptures the way he does so that I can teach others with such power.

In the Book of Mormon (another Testament of Jesus Christ) in the book of Helaman13:29 we read "...Yea, how long will ye choose darkness rather than light?" I have been pondering this question since Sunday. Daily I make choices that either draw me closer to God or pull me away or distract me from my divine purpose. I have been trying to better discern what choices represent darkness, what choices distract me from my heavenly purpose. Life is full of distractions. Distractions are everywhere. My teacher said "Distraction is our greatest enemy." When tragedies occur people are able to weed out the distractions because all of a sudden what is really important is vivid but perhaps life would be more fulfilling if we started to focus now on what is truly important and discard the distractions in our life.

We were asked to consider the following statement, "Where we put our time and energy is where our heart is." This really hit me. When I am wasting time on Facebook, pinterest, day dreaming, browsing the internet and watching television I am training my heart to need these things, to obsess over these things. I don't want my heart there. I want my heart with my God, my family, my divine role as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, disciple of Christ. If I really want my heart to be in these areas I must spend my time in these areas it is as simple as that!

In Romans 7:14 Paul teaches us "For we know the law is Spiritual; but I am Carnal, sold under sin." We are all carnal, we all have tendencies to choose darkness but with the help of Jesus Christ we can repent and humble ourselves and become as He is. I love the lyrics of a favorite song of mine "come follow me the savoir said then let us in his footsteps tread..." The Atonement is vital to our spiritual progression, as we come to know our Savior we can rewire our self so that a spiritual current will work within us and help us continually choose light over darkness.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

God has a plan for each of us!

I believe that we all have a purpose, an individual purpose, a purpose designed by God, The Eternal Father, Our creator. Many times I have found myself frustrated that my life is not taking the path that I had hoped but some of my biggest corrections from my Father in Heaven have led me to become so much more that I could have been on my own, walking my chosen path alone. I am so grateful that God loves me enough to cut me down so that I may become what I was designed to be.

I believe the message and truths shared in this message, when I watch it my heart swells with the conformation that his words are from God.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last of Alaska

After leaving the beautiful wilderness of Upper Russian lake we hopped into the car and headed to the Kenai. Everywhere we drove our eyes feasted on such wondrous creations. We jammed out to some classics, ate fast food, chatted and slept actually I was the only one who slept! We finally made it to the river where salmon fishing would commence.

We didn't start fishing till 9pm but it looked like 5pm! Let me tell you about Salmon fishing, it is dangerous! You have a long rod with a long line with a weight and hook attached to it. You throw the line down river and drag it up river letting it hit the bottom in hopes of hooking into a salmon mouth and then pull the line out up river and throw it back in down river. Now imagine this happening with people standing in the river up to their upper thighs about 6-10 feet from each other. You guessed it; there are a LOT of lines with hooks flying around! Everyone wears sun glasses in hopes of protecting their eyes.

The fish come up in schools, no one will be hooking into anything and then a school will come by and the majority of people will hook into a Salmon. This is where the fun begins and where you abilities are tested. Bringing the Salmon in is the hardest part, so many people hook into one but loose it. When you do manage to get bring it in it is quite the fight and leaves you feeling rather happy or at least I am told I was not that successful.

 Now remember how it gets dark for a tiny period of time in Alaska during the summer. The excessive amount of light makes people i.e the men want to fish and fish and fish until they no longer can. Lindsay and I put our foot down as we were leaving for Halibut fishing the next morning at 5am. After pulling the reluctant men away we got gas and drove another 45 minutes to find our cabin. We got very little sleep that night.

Lindsay and I headed out early for Halibut fishing while the boys headed back to catch more Salmons. We were so tired, I fell asleep on the boat as we sailed out to the spot, my head was bopping all over the place according to Lindsay, but as I was fast asleep I didn't even notice.

I LOVED halibut fishing! It was so fun. Reeling the fish in was exciting. Halibut are ugly and awkward but they taste so darn good so you have to love them. Lindsay was doing the hooks herself because she is THAT cool. Between the two of us we by far out fished the old men from California. By the end of our trip we were thrilled with our catches especially after kissing them! Ewwww!

In order to get the boats into the ocean enormous tractors pull the boats on trailers into the ocean, its amazing!

One of favorite things was watching the fisherman fillet the fish, it was amazing. They were fast and neat; what talent!

Time to cut, pack and freeze all our fish

Exit Glacier

The crazy Pelican at the Aquarium Center in Sterling.

This was the last town we visited: it is named HOPE

Alaska was everything I had hoped for. We will be visiting again, when I am not sure but I did leave a piece of my heart there so a return is inevitable.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Grandma from England came to visit

Back in August the boys and I drove to Utah to see my Grandma who was visiting from England. I had a wonderful time with her. I am so happy we got to spend some time with her and that the boys got to be with her. Being around her made my brain remember so many wonderful memories and aspects of England that I love and miss.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Camping on Labor day

We went camping as a family for the holiday weekend. We took Reagan. Everyone loved it. We were so happy:) Next year will be filled with more experiences like these.


Monday, September 17, 2012



Labor day

Labor day fun with friends. I love these people.


Saturday, September 15, 2012


God only created one Jack and I got him! Every day is a rollercoster with Jack by my side, I have always liked rollercoasters but the difference with jack the rollercoaster is it keeps going and changing; I never quite know what is around the corner. 

Jack is Hilarious! Let me share some recent Jackisums:

We are at the dinning table chatting with Ben while he eats his dinner (he got home late) there is a large bag of BBQ chips in the middle of the table. As we are chatting I see Jack stand on his chair, turn around and aim his bottom into the bag of chips and lot loose the loudest trump! Feeling quite proud of himself a giant smile grows across his face, I look at Ben who looks like the only thing that stopping him from laughing is having a mouth full of food and I am horrified! I didn't eat any more BBQ chips!

We were talking about people that work at Sam’s club I asked Jack "would you like to one day work in a store like this?" Jack looks around and plainly says "no I am going to be a baseball player...or a ninja!" Or course.

A lady was sitting outside the store on her break smoking a cigarette and Jack remarks "Look she can't work there anymore because she smokes...I am not happy with people that smoke!" We then had a conversation about how smoking a an unhealthy habit but smoking doesn't make someone bad and that we should not judge others. I don't know if agrees with me yet on that one. 

Dinner time sucks! Unless pizza or BBQ chicken is on the menu Jack cries, huyperventates and threatens throwing up. He didn't want to eat his dinner; wow what a surprise. I tell him he needs to eat some of it, he does with great anger, there is still some left but he tells me he is so sick. I tell him he can be done but nothing else to eat until the morning. Bath time rolls around and Jack is starving, dying, so so hungry he can hardly bear it, Our conversation:

Me: Oh I am sorry but you didn't eat all your dinner so you will have to wait until breakfast
(Jack is horrified, almost surprised to hear this)
Jack: What!??
Me: We went through this sweetie...sorry
(Jack gives me a deathly stare)
Jack: I , I , I just wish you would change your mind!
Me: Sorry that's not going to happen, I want you to learn that eating your dinner is important
Jack (his voice gradually gets louder): YOU are like the Queen of the world and I have to do whatever you say! I just hate it
Me Feeling quite smug: That's right sweetie, I love you though

Jack is a little dramatic if you haven't noticed. The other day we were going to school and he falls of his scooter (this happens frequently) mega screams exit his mouth as he lays on his back on someones front yard with his legs wide open over his head. He stayed in this position for at least 30 seconds and when he didn't get the response he was hoping for he stood up and continued on his scooter. 

Every day is new, exciting, trying, hard, hilarious and full of new challenges with Jack. I love him!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tender mercies

Lately, I have been reminded to be grateful. My life is full and I too often forget to thank my God for blessing me so richly. I was chatting with a friend who told me of her friend who was having surgery to have her breast removed due to detecting very progressive cancer. My heart sank and cracked for this dear woman, she just had a baby 4 weeks ago and now her life will be full of chemotherapy and trails. I left that conversation with tears steaming in my eyes and thanked God that I don't have Cancer and that I am so healthy; what a blessing!

I am so grateful for my body, it was created by God, every time I look in the mirror I get the opportunity to see Gods greatest design; a child of God. I am grateful that my senses are acute; that I can enjoy the taste of food, see the splendor of God's mountains and of the twinkle in my child's eye, that I can hear my husband tell me that He loves me, that I am wonderful and that I am a great mother, to feel the sun bathe my skin and the body of another as I hug them and to smell scents that bring back precious memories each time.

I am grateful for my perspective of life. I talk with God constantly. I know He lives! I know he loves me and that hard things are part of our progression and journey her on earth. I know the Book of Mormon is true, if you don't study it and pray it has the power to transform your life.

I love the message and feeling I get when I watch these:


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alaska: Upper Russian Lake

As we unloaded the plane, walked to the shore line and waved goodbye to the only other person who knew exactly where we were we picked up our gear and walked into the forest with anticipation to discover our abode. The little forest service cabin was perfect! A one room wood cabin with bunk beds, a table, a stove and some shelving. We unpacked our stuff talking about how freaking amazing the plane ride was and how awesome the cabin is. We were four giddy excited and slightly nervous people. After unpacking we immediately got our fishing gear out and got ready to fish armed with guns, bear spray, flares and bear bells. With one behind another we headed into the jungle of giant vegetation to experience WILD ALASKA.

The trails were just small paths weaving through giant overgrowth. After we had walked barely 100 yards Dwayne stops due to a steaming pile of bear poo. Everyone's heart starts racing; there was a bear HERE only moments ago. Yards later Ben stops us, listen...We hear crunching and breaking of sticks and vegetation, we  move so we can get a better look and there 100 yards away is a bear barely visible as he so perfectly blends into everything that surrounds him. We take a slight detour. The rest of our walking consisted of us all saying "hey bear, oh bear" over and over and over.

After blazing our own pathway we finally make our way to the river. Feeling a little on edge after seeing a bear, lots of bear poo and many bear beds we shifted our focus to catching fish. The wilderness men were somewhat more effective at catching fish; catch, catch, catch. Ugh! What am I doing wrong? With my waders barely high enough to keep the water out I found myself focusing more on not falling over than catching fish but needless to say after to some instruction which I took with some resistance I caught a couple little guys but not like the ones the man were pulling out.

Lindsay was such a great fishing student taking heed to fly tying and fish de-hooking while I on the other hand didn't pay too much attention I was too distracted by ALASKA and knew that she would teach me or do it for me when the men were else where and she did. Love her!

We ate like wilderness kings and  queens and slept pretty darn great. We giggled a lot, made jokes, said "yesum" and made fun of each other. There is something wonderful that happens when adults get to spend time with each other with out their children; you really get to see each others character and sense the depth of their humor and personality.

One totally hilarious experience was when we tried to hike to Goat creek. It didn't work as we had the deviate from the path and blaze our own through deep vegetation and swamp. After about 45 minutes of hiking we decide we needed to return because the direction we were on had too many dangers so we headed back to deliberate the boat situation. The boat could only fit three of us...Dwayne vollenterd to float in the dingy and have us tie him to the boat and drag him a mile across the lake. Lindsay and I were skeptical from  the start but the guys so desperately wanted to experience Goat creek that in our loving wifey ways we humored their idea...temporarily. Their idea did not float, literally, Dwayne nearly sunk. With the guys gutted at their defeat we suggested they go without us. They went and saw a mommy bear with her babies and were terrified for their lives, quite literally. Ben said they saw enormous bear foot prints EVERYWHERE.

While the boys were out having fun Lindsay and I decided to try out the fishing without the pressure to keep up with the guys and we did quite wonderfully, I even de-hoked my own fish. I felt very accomplished. Its not that I am scared of fish or don't like to touch them it's just that they are so slippery and fast that I have a hard time getting a grip on them.

Our very best bear encounter was on the last day. To preface the story a background is needed: We had decided that if we actually saw a bear we would say "hey ted" because we were constantly saying "hey bear" that if it was real how would we know until we saw it and Dwayne had a dream that we all saw a bear and everyone was calm except Ben who screamed like a girl.

So back to the story. The boys were fishing several 100 yards from the mouth of the river and Lindsay and I had been hiking and had come to the mouth of the river to get some photos of bald eagles. We could not see the boys. I am sitting on a log with my legs sprawled out getting my camera ready and suddenly Lindsay starts making spluttering sounds that finally form the word "w a t e r, w a t e r, water" I am looking on the water for a bald eagle and then as Lindsay says "Bear!" There was no "hey ted" so I was surprised when I saw it a beautiful, giant, ball of fur and muscle, yes a big Brown Alaskan Bear only 40 or so yards away. I stand up and a say clearly "Hey bear!" He stops and looks at me and click I get a perfect photo before he disappears into the trees on the other side of the river.

Now of course one of the days we see a bear we didn't have the walkitalkies on us to warn the guys. After arriving back at the cabin Ben tells us his bear experience. He is in the river fishing like a pro catching trout when he turns and there 15 yards away a bear enters the river with all his pride stripped he yelps in a high pitched voice "Oh CRAP!" and slips and almost goes under... in other word he screamed like a girl.

This is what Alaska will do to you; turn you into a bear

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