Monday, July 30, 2012

Once upon a time I went to Alaska....

I went to Alaska with my man without our kids. Before I talk about our awesome adventures I have to say this would not have been possible without Ben's mom and sister; a huge THANK YOU to you awesome women for watching our kids:)

I have to admit I was running on empty the week before our trip, empty is code for "in desperate need of a break from the challenges and responsibilities in my life." Even though I knew I really needed a trip my heart was heavy knowing that there might be some unpleasant times for those watching over our kids and dog. Right before loading into the car and heading to the airport I looked in through the crack in the door to see my little Lucas who was sleeping and silently cried to myself, I was going to miss him and my crazy five year old and I needed on last snuggle so I woke him up.

I got reunited with the airport, back in my student days I was quite the frequent flyer going back and forth from England to America but it had been 4 and a half years since I last flew. I was excited, I felt a little like a kid again as we boarded the plane and watched the flight attendants teach us about safety. For the first 30 minutes of flight time I had my eyes glued to the window seeping in all the beauty of the world below me but then the Chinese food that we had eaten earlier warmed my tummy and I was asleep leaning on Ben's shoulder in an instant. Oh by the way my gift for falling asleep anywhere at any time was really show cased on this trip.

After arriving in Alaska, Dwayne picked us up and we headed to his home where Lindsey greeted us with awesome homemade matching ties for the boys. The cool thing is about this family is we just pick right up where we left off; I adore them! After a night of chatting and giggling and a little planning we went to bed.

Our sea kayaking was cancelled:( Too much wind. We decided to find a quirky place for Lunch and hike to a glacier. I was such a warm day, we were wishing we wore shorts. There was a moment when Ben embraced the title his mother has given him "an adrenaline junkie" when he jumped over a glacier crevice. I didn't take a picture because I was too busy rebuking him. Naughty, naughty Ben!

The weather really reminded me of England and everything was so GREEN just like England but instead of rolling hills there were gigantic mountains everywhere, literally everywhere!The mountains are really enormous and lush. There is every shade of green covering them. I was such a delight to see the sea, I LOVE sea sides.

The Plane View

First Mountains 




Day one ended with sushi and a lot of packing for our bush plane adventure starting early the next morning.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Beauty is found everywhere we just have to open our eyes. Today we would be lead to believe that beauty is a description of physical appearance but it is so much more than that. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is experience. Beauty is belief in God and belief in self. Beauty is connecting. Beauty is expression. Beauty is creations. Beauty is enduring. Beauty is living.  I am amazed at the beauty in my life. 


Friday, July 13, 2012


Lots have been going on:

Last month I ran a half marathon with my friend in Leadville. Leadville happens to be 2 miles above sea level... I am not sure what I was was super cheap that's what got me. One of my favorite things about this was I only started training 6 weeks before the race and I got to train with an awesome individual. I cherished our time running together. We connected and developed our relationship while elevating our heart rate, sweating and panting. I love her! And now she has gone and moved to Oklahoma! I am sad but utterly thrilled that I got to spend time with her and come to know her character and personality. Oh and did I mention my dog trained with us too and after running the half she bombed around for half an hour!

My Time To Shine is a music and dance program that two friends and I run started. I am really excited about the kids we have; they are all so excited to be there and to learn and express themselves. Our theme this year is "Seize the Day" all of our songs have lyrics that relate to that theme and our finale is the grand number "seize the day" from Newsies. Being our second year we are a little more comfortable with how things will play out. Every Wednesday I bounce up and down with excitement and the energy of an 8 year old teaching until I arrive home at 2pm and crash on the coach with my boys on top of me.

Jack took swimming lessons and did GREAT! He was so much more confident in the water and especially going under the water. He had two teachers, one of them was a boy whom Jack happened to think was AWESOME.

We (when I say we I actually mean Ben) planted and grew a garden. Today I made zucchini bread from a zucchini from our garden. It is pretty amazing when real delicious food grows in your back yard. I really need to work on getting a green thumb but until then I have Ben.

I learn't how to make french bread and it is so easy! Really if I can do it ANYONE can. It is so delicious and filling and probably fattening but I don't really care about that. I will post the recipe and pics soon.

Our church is working on providing around 1000 hats and scarves for the local action center, I crocheted 16 hats in 5 days. It was an obsession. I love to crochet it calms me and clears my mind.

I have been developing "Mufasa" time with Jack, don't ask he came up with the name. Basically it is time every day, usually during Lucas' nap where I give Jack a task that will take at least 30 minutes to 50 minutes. He has to accomplish it on his own. Often it's writing or number related but sometimes it is more physical like hammering nails or cutting and sticking. I am doing this to help him develop patience as he has... none. Most days he will whine and beg to stop but when he finally gets done with the assignment he is a nicer kid and has great pride in his creation and he has a greater ability to to listen and obey.

Lucas still doesn't speak. I am really trying to be consistent with sounding out words and letting him see me say words. I wasn't that concerned until we went to the doctors and were told that he needs help. I don't know, he only just turned two. We will see.

Ben has been spending a lot of his energies organizing and preparing for our retreat to Alaska. Yes you read right ALASKA. We leave, just Ben and I on Monday 16th July. I can't believe we are actually going away without our kids for an entire week to the awesome wilderness of Alaska. We will see Bears, lots of bears...I am a little nervous and have been mentally preparing myself for a face to face encounter with a giant grizzly bear. In my mind I kick butt. Phew!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I love this video because I think today marriage is all about the wedding; the dress, the venue, the cake, the flowers and less about the sacred and lasting commitment between two people. Make sure you are always working on bettering your marriage EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.


Camping #2

In celebration of Lucas or "Gus" as Ben calls him turning a huge 2 we took off to the mountains for a camping adventure. The Jones' joined in on the fun. Of course the weekend we should have our prayers of rain answered would be the week we decided to go camping. It poured and poured but fear not we were toasty and dry in our AWESOME tent that Ben scored for us the other week. Lucas, Jack and Reagan were in heaven.

When I find myself in the wilderness I have an enormous desire to move somewhere more secluded and really enjoy God's creations. I think my kids would love it! The great outdoors really makes them happy. I found myself giggling as I watched the kids explore and interact, every new discovery is glorious to them. Lucas and Reagan spent 30 minutes digging in a rodent hole looking for wildlife. Jack loved the BB gun and had it strapped to his hip for most of the time. As we were leaving everyone had a meltdown and the inner monsters of every child made an appearance but we were able to get home and loose the monsters on the way.

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