Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life with Oxygen

The last week has been a tough one... Lucas, thankfully came home after just two days in the hospital but with an oxygen tank in tow. I had no idea how inconvenient an oxygen tank was...I discovered quite quickly.  It is really similar to having a dog on a lead permanently plus being attached to a heavy awkward tank.

I had made an appointment to go back to the doctors on Monday with high as the sky hopes that Lucas and I could part ways with his new best friend. Unfortunately, Monday was not to be the day to bid farewell to our new companion. At the doctors as we put the oxygen reader on his finger or the "finger hugger" as Jack likes to call it the numbers started at 90- whoo hoo my heart sang but then the numbers declined down and settled at 88 which was just not good enough.

As we left the doctors with our heavy and inconvenient friend; the oxygen tank Jack declared "see told ya! I knew he wouldn't come off it today!" That little negative stinker, I thought. I wanted to cry not because I felt bad for Lucas but because I am selfish and the thought of four more days living with an oxygen tank in my hand following Lucas everywhere seemed so depressing.

Good thoughts, good thoughts please come...but it was no help I was in a stupor of negativity and the rest of the day went down hill.

Today we went to the doctors and the news was so spectacular oxygen levels 95!! Happiness:) After we took all the sticky patches that were keeping the oxygen tubes in place Lucas started clapping and everywhere we walked he was in a state of giggles. Since being home Lucas has not stopped running around and climbing on things. I am so thrilled he is happy and equally thrilled that I don't have to stay within 10 feet of Lucas and his tank whenever he is awake.

What Life with an oxygen tank looks like:



Lesley-Ann said...

Wow these photos really bring to life the inconvenience of being on oxygen! BUT you did it and you are alive to tell the tale :-) Well done Jessie, love you XX

thearringtonclan said...

yippeeeeeeeeeee.. for all of you and the freedom this brings :)

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