Wednesday, December 7, 2011

YOU are your best competitor

The other day I had a brief conversation with a fellow photography friend and she was expressing how she feels self conscious in promoting herself because she had no schooling in photography and in her eyes wasn't as good as others so how could she be a professional.

I was thinking about this concept of  inadequacy and thought how frequently in life we suppress our talents or ambitions becasue we don't have the background or education or experience that others have. I think the feelings of inadequacy don't actually stem from our situation but rather from our nature of comparing ourselves to others. I think other people can be our inspiration to be better but should not be our measuring stick in which we measure our own weaknesses and strengths, failures and successes by.

We must surround ourselves with inspirational people and stories and use then to propel us forward in our life. But our greatest inspiration will come from our own journey. To measure our success we must look at OUR own journey. Where we began and where we are now, that is how we can know if we have progressed. If we see little progression then it is up to ourselves to change that because we want to see positive changes within ourselves not because we want to replicate someone else's life.

As a first time pregnant woman I remember crying in the hallway of our church with my arms around a dear friend. How can I do this? Were the feelings of my troubled heart. Then having a baby and seeing people around me who seemed so incandescently happy and fully aware of how to do everything perfectly I felt the opposite. I remember wanting to fit the mold but the mold didn't fit because that wasn't me, it wasn't my journey.

As time went on I started to embrace motherhood in a realistic way, a way that I could relate to. I started doing things the way that felt right to me not the way that my friends did it. Now when I look at where I have come as a mother I see great progression and the ability to continue to progress. I no longer feel like I have to be like my friends and I realize that there are many great ways to mother children.

Compete against yourself. Every day during my workout I try to be better than the day before. I KNOW my potential and if could  have pushed harder. I am not going to compare myself to my friend who is training for an Iron man or my other friend who is working towards becoming a Zumba instructor I am going to compete against myself.

I am a huge believer in self belief. Yes there will always be someone better, smarter, more talented but don't focus on it. We must focus on our individual ability and potential to progress. We can always progress with the help of God he wants us to be GREAT, eternally great.

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