Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning

Funny thing is this was our first Christmas in Utah even though we lived there for 4 years. When we lived there we always left to visit family else where at Christmas time and now we have family in Utah. Weird huh?

We made the drive in 8.5 hours; pretty speedy if you ask me. After less than five minutes of being in the car and being on the road next the road we live on Jack asked, "when will we be there?" He asked this every 10 minuets for the next 6 hours.

Finally we arrived at my parents house when it was dark.

Christmas Eve we went to me brothers house. There was amazing soups, lots of pictures taken, I made a castle for rayray and we were princess and Jack and Josh played So well; a couple years ago this was an impossible thought as Josh would delicately create something wonderful and then Jack would destroy it with a mischievousness grin across his face.

Christmas eve everning; Jack was a stinker I was so close to throwing away all of this gifts but he was able to make some good choices in the end and Ben and I kept finding ourselves taking deep breaths. 

He left a note for Santa and some yummy snacks.

Christmas morning was a late start for our family. Jack normally wakes up exceptionally early but I think he was scared that Santa might not come because he was a stinker the night before. 7:30 start! I was all about the extra sleepy time. 

Jack came in with the most delightful smile and hugs us saying "I LOVE you so much!" This interprets into " I am sorry I was bad last night and really hope Santa came:)" He did come. Jack said he even heard sleigh bells on the roof! 

We did our stockings where Lucas found his favorite gift "punch balloons" he adored these things and carried them everywhere collecting doggy hair. After stockings we ventured downstairs to discover the Lightsaber that Santa left for Jack. He was over joyed and has to have a fight with pops. I incidently discovered that I have been calling a Lightsaber a lightsaver for my entire life; this explains why lots of people were confused when I told them Jack wanted a lightsaver for Christmas. 

 Jack LOVED his toolkit from mam, pops, grannie and grancha. He kept saying "I just can't wait to use these!"

Ben and I got each other winter coats, no actually Ben got them both but we were thrilled and will be staying very warm. Beth was thrilled with her guitar and my mother was spoiled rotten as usual and my dad well a pool cue was rather spectacular in his eyes!


Pre-Christmas highlights

Before leaving for Utah to celebrate Christmas with my family a couple of wonderful things occurred;

We went caroling. Caroling is my most favorite part of Christmas. Growing up for as long as I can remember our Church visited a hospital in Coalville England and sang in three or four different hospital wards. I always remember loving singing for the people and loving even more visiting with them afterwards.
Since I have lived in the states I have found myself disappointed each year that either we didn't go caroling or that the caroling experience wasn't the type of experience I wanted.

This year I was feeling quite determined to have a great Christmas full of Christmas spirit and cheer so I organized it and decided if me, my kids and my friend were the only people who turned up them we would sing our hearts out. Luckily we had a great turn out; 21 people and the people at the nursing home were delighted that someone remembered them during the Christmas season.

Another fun experience was our little nativity Family Home Evening. I was initially disappointed because just about everyone cancelled but our dear friends and their kiddos pulled through for us! We played a few games, watched a short nativity movie, discussed what gift we would give to Jesus for his Christmas gift and of course we dressed up in towels and created our very own rendition of the nativity.

We had a great cast. Mary was played by the one and only Ella with Lucas as her Joseph by her side in a strange tube looking robe. Baby Jesus was played by the beautiful Myla. We had some wonderful Shepherds by the names of Jack and Ethan. Dave was a very angelic angel while Ben provided the star via his glorious smart phone app; the flashlight! I was a wise man and Elaine was a donkey.

Some of the gifts we said we would give to Jesus:

To be kind
Our time
Read the Scriptures
To Prioritize God
To serve

What gift did you give Jesus for Christmas? It is never to late to give him a gift.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The First Noel

I adore this rendition of this song. It brings the spirit of God into my soul. I am so thrilled that I have the knowledge that Jesus Christ came to earth as our savoir and redeemer. I think that his birth, though humble and lowly would have been most glorious due to the spirit of God that was roaring within the hearts of those who believed. I believe! Jesus Christ is the king of us all. I celebrate His life and Gospel today and always. Noel...Born is the king of Israel!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pre-school Program

I was so proud as I watched my big boy sing at his program. It warms my heart to watch him sing. His teacher is an amazing teacher. I am so thrilled that he gets to learn from a teacher who loves to teach and loves her students.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Lucas is enthralled with the Christmas tree. He has rearranged it with the help of Jack and will spend large amounts of time looking at it.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Movie time

When the boys and I have a little down time we find a good movie that doesn't have Dora or Diego in (because to be quite honest their voices hurt my head) and we settle down and enjoy ourselves. This often means that Jack HAS to bring his bed blanket down and dismantle the coach, that Reagan will hunt for shadows and Lucas will wander around turning the TV off and on and climbing on and off the coach.


Monday, December 19, 2011

milk on my rug!!!

So my head was pounding, literally I think I could hear it and Jack screams a blood curdling scream. "What, now!" Is my response. "'s every where." I turn the corner and there is milk saturating my new rug, my new expensive rug. My heart drops. I want to scream so I scream like a pathetic little girl. The dregs left in the bottle of carpet cleaner are just not cutting it so I load everyone (I know I only have two kids but it seems more dramatic if I say everyone as if i have 12) into the car and off to the store we go.

On the way home I am just mumbling to myself at how angry I was and then our car skidded. The snow was too slippy and we skidded all over the place. Luckily we were fine but it was a wake up call. I felt like God was shaking me saying "get over it! It's milk. There are more important things to life!"

Thomas Monson, the Prophet of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints said;

Never let a problem to be solved get in the way of a person to be loved

It hit me Jack probably felt terrible about what he did, and all I did was make him feel worse by reminding him that he was clumsy. Really? Life is so much more than the things that fill our lives those things will remain here when we die but the relationships; they are what matter. Our relationships are our greatest treasures. I need to remember this daily.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jack's creation

The other day Jack was being very quiet and so I set out to find him...this is what I found


Friday, December 16, 2011


Is as good as you make it. I am trying really hard to throw myself into this season and fill up my life with happiness, gratitude, love and charity. So far Christmas is bringing me great peace.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

You may now kiss the bride...

Kori came to play and decided that she and Jack should get married. There wasn't a preacher around to perform the wedding but Kori didn't hesitate and decided to perform it herself.

Kori: (looking at Jack with condescending eyes) Jack do you take this lady to be you wife?

Jack shrugs his shoulders confused, Kori eyes him and whispers "say I DO!"

Jack: I do?

Kori turns to her other side and asks her imaginary self "do you take this man to be your husband?"
she jumps to the side and reply's, "I DO" with a huge smile

Kori: I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride

Jack is looking SO confused at this point. Kori sighs and tells Jack "You need to kiss me now"

Jack looks a little embarrassed but decides he should follow this council and leans in for a pucker on the lips and Kori gasps and hold her hand to her mouth and says, "No! On my cheek!"

Jack is stunned so Kori grabs his face and show him how it should be done.

I died of laughter!!!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

Ever since we have lived in Colorado we have cut down our own Christmas tree and I really enjoy this tradition. We always have to find a spot where there are less people because Ben is not too cool with sharing his wilderness experiences with lots people.

We passed many good looking trees close to the road but there is no hunt in that game. We hiked a little and found THAT perfect tree. The weather was quite delightful and of course the mountains were spectacular. I feel very thankful to live in an area surrounded by such grandeur.

I wanted to name our tree Priscilla but Jack wouldn't have any of it! He got really mad any time I pressed the subject so we left the tree with the original name of TREE.

I don't know if Lucas enjoyed this experience but he was very quiet.

Jack was either happy and chatty or falling over in his too short snow pants and crying.

Ben was in heaven as he searched for the perfect tree.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I know God Lives!

I simply KNOW with all my heart that God lives and that Jesus Christ is my Savoir and Redeemer and that I can draw close to them through the power of the Holy Ghost.

I am imperfect and frequently make mistakes; don't we all? BUT Jesus Christ prepared a way for us to be made clean from our sins; the Atonement! What a magnificent gift! A gift that enables us to become more like Christ, be cleansed from sin and infirmities and have exaltation. If you need help, comfort, guidance, peace or hope turn to Christ. Kneel down on your knees and talk to him. He is waiting to hear from you and all you must do is ask him and learn about him and he will help you.

I know this to be true. For Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Christ and the perfect gift we were given by Jesus Christ coming to earth we should pay it forward by giving our savior a gift. We can lay aside our sins, choose one bad habit that is preventing us from moving forward towards Jesus Christ and lay it aside. He wants us to greater and will help us achieve greatness if we ask. Come unto Christ! Joy to the world the Lord is come!

Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ for he is everything good.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Bottle and phone love, funny faces and shadows that MUST be chased!

Lucas loves his bottle VERY much and when he is not drinking from his bottle he is chatting on the phone


Oh and Lucas FINALLY walks!!!! Yes at 17 months he walks a Christmas miracle:)


When I ask Jack to look at the camera this is what I get;

Reagan has been extraordinarily busy chasing shadows, she cannot seem to get rid of them, they are simply everywhere!

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