Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why go to church?

For me church is a four and a half hour process with three hours of meetings,my travel time and socializing (I love to chat). Most of my meetings are spent walking the hallways with my giant child in arms and often us young mothers ask "why do we even come to church?" It's all about seasons of life and now my church experience or season in life is not revolving around immersing myself in the doctrinal and spiritual lessons because my child wont allow that but there is an absolute purpose in why I go to church to spend at least 50% of the time walking the hallways.

Firstly, I believe in the power of consistency. Even if it may seem that I am not getting a whole lot of spiritual nourishment from church right now I am living the routine that will help me always be in the right place and in today's world I think this is essential.

Secondly, maybe I don't get the spiritual nourishment from the lessons because I don't get to listen to them but walking the hallways help me see others that might need a friendly face to say hello to or someone who desperately needs to have a friend visit with them and you know what I GET TO HELP THEM or sometimes they get to help me. It is those moments and those conversations that I realize is of utter importance that I am there at church even if it is walking the hallways.

I believe that God blesses us for all of our sacrifices in so many ways.

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