Monday, November 21, 2011

The Holidays = Weight gain...I don't think so!

OK, so everyone LOVES the food associated with the holidays, right? Of course. I know you are drooling over the thought of those delicious candy canes, sugar cookies or mince pies and Christmas cake (those last two are my favorites!) But the problem is people just expect that they will gain weight over the holidays because they can't possibly go through the festivities without enjoying the food and there wont be time to exercise because of all the festivities so of course they are going to put on their annual 5 pounds that they will vow to loose in the new year.

I think that is silly. Terribly silly.

It is all in the mind.

I love food SO much! I especially LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas foods. But I don't think food needs to be the center of the holidays. I don't think there is any shame in a weight gain because the fact is life happens and sometimes love handles appear or grow along with other jiggly parts but I don't think we should welcome a weight gain. To often people see the holidays as an excuse to be lazy and gain some weight. I think that is foolish because we all know how we feel come January 1st and every pair of jeans are a little too tight.

So this is me on my soap box. EXERCISE! You will only do it if you make it a priority. If you go in to the holiday season with the thought "I am going to TRY to find time" you wont find time because you are not committed to it. Decide every night what time you will exercise during the next day and write it down. Try to find a time when you will be least likely to be interrupted. You must be as committed to that exercise appointment as you are to a doctors appointment otherwise you will find reasons to replace it with something else that seems more important. 

If you exercise five times a week you will be happier, have more energy, crave food that is generally healthier and feel so much healthier. At the end of the day I think it is somewhat silly that Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays that began as a way to give thanks and worship God and yet sometimes we allow them to represent a lazy day where we sit and constantly eat food. We should be giving thanks for the amazing body which God created for us by keeping it healthy and happy.

Just a thought.

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Michelle said...

Ummmm.... I am going to eat and be lazy (well as lazy as I can be while cooking the whole meal) and not gain 5 pounds. Neither will Ben. It's how we were made. :)

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