Friday, October 7, 2011

Realize that you are beautiful

It amazes me at how many healthy beautiful people have such low self esteem. WHY? I think there are a couple of reasons;

  • They compare themselves to other people or themselves at a different stage of life. Nothing good can come from comparing. All it does is directs ones focus off themselves and where they are headed and makes them dwell on negative things. Once you start to compare yourself you enter the world of "I want" or "I wish" or "If only". In other words you stop being present and hang out in this limbo land that never progresses forward. So what you gained weight. There is nothing shameful in a weight gain, life happens and beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. 
  • They are so focused on their flaws that their strengths are invisible to their eyes. Everyone has beautiful parts and parts that they would rather hide and pretend don't exist. I don't like my legs never have and probably never will but dwelling on my pear shaped lower half is not going to change anything for good but it WILL dampen my attitude. Instead of looking in the mirror at all your flaws look to find what you love and celebrate it. Or stop looking in the mirror all together and you may begin to think differently about your body.
  • The body is just a shell; a glorious and miraculous one but still it is a shell in which your amazing spirit dwells. The most beautiful people I know literally radiate. It is not their perfect make-up, their enormous and colorful eyes, tiny waist, glossy hair or long legs that make them radiant. They are radiant because they love life and live it fully. They are grounded and strong individuals. They do not let small imperfections get in the way of living. They are confident because they celebrate the goodness that they have. Take your focus off the imperfections of your shell and allow everything wonderful you have to offer shine and you will be amazed at how your internal perspective changes.
My challenge to you is to stop gawping and singling out your imperfections and celebrate what an amazing person you are and recognize that you have so many beautiful qualities AND there is someone who wishes that they looked just like you.

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