Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Lucas you are my sunshine! 
You are now 15 months old and still refuse to walk!


A part of me is totally OK with you not walking around smashing your head on corners of tables and door frames but there is a part of me that wonders if you EVER will walk. All I ask is that you walk before you turn 2 years old. You are heavy and yes I love the arm workout due to carrying you everywhere but I think I might pull a ligament or a muscle if you get too much bigger and need me to haul you around.

You are an excellent crawler and I am OK with putting gloves and knee pads on you and allowing you to follow me around but somehow I think that might add to you identity crisis that you are already experiencing; you think you are a dog. You are not a dog. But you do drink your milk while laying in the dog cage, the doggy dish is your favorite toy, you crawl up to Reagan growl at her, take her bone and crawl away AND your tongue is hanging out your mouth half the time. You are not a dog.

Last week you LOVED bananas! I think you ate two a day. Now you will not touch them.



Gwen said...

If Lucas stays a dog (gotta admit, there are some benefits to that - dog's generally don't require college educations, rarely drive cars so no car insurance premium for boys under $25, make faithful companions - thus good missionary training - find joy hanging their heads out the car window...and are supremely estatic when finding smelly things in which to roll...ok, that's not a benefit)...but if Lucas stays a dog, can I come back and play fetch with him?

Lesley-Ann said...

Yea Lucas has teeth (well I have know for some time but it's funny to see) :-)

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