Saturday, October 8, 2011

5 kids...

I had the opportunity to watch my dear friends 3 kids whom I happen to love. Her 3 kids plus my 2 is five.I am such a math genius. I had them for 4 nights and days; it was an experience.

I have an enormous appreciation and respect for mothers with many kids; how do you do laundry? How do you do your hair? Keep up with the mess? And the dishes? And Homework- UGH!? Wow, major eye opener. My imperfections were fully exposed. BUT on the whole it was a great experience, educational for me, an extended sleepover for Jack and great for Lucas as there was ALWAYS some one to play with him.
One of the night Ben and the kids had a major NERF gun war. It was So intense that as Ben was re-creating a moment from an action movie he ripped his pinkie toe nail off. He is THAT dedicated to bringing action to life.


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