Sunday, September 25, 2011


Ben's family rafts. We have been talking about taking my family rafting but never got into the specifics until NOW.

I convinced my mother that rafting was fun and not scary. I described what the rafting trip would be like, leaving a few things out because my sweet mother is an over thinker and will talk herself out of anything thing that might be dangerous.

After being on the river for maybe 5 minutes we come head to head with the first rapids, these rapids are not scary at all for most people but for my mother I am pretty sure she may have wet her pants at the site of them. Our boat was in front and I turned around and smiled and yelled "good luck!"

Once her heart stopped palpitating I think she loved it.

Beth wanted more rapids and said she could do it all day, plus she caught her first fish.

Dad was just glad his new teeth were still in place.

Maize the Dog Loved it! She jumped in at any opportunity when Beth wasn't sitting on her.

Ben was awesome in our make shift boat (we had left an essential element of the oaring frame at Grandpa's and had to improvise). He also jumped off the cliff, he is a STUD!

Mike was a great tease to my mom, but made her feel least I think.

Liz was ever agreeable and happy.

I was entertained and soaked up the river and the mountains. I randomly jumped into the river, it was SO cold and Jack freaked out because I couldn't climb back in. I would have loved to have seen me try to get back into the boat.

Jack was terrified and cried the entire time we were in the raft except for the last 10 minutes. We rafted for a couple of hours.

Mum, want to do the Snake river next year?

Sunday together: We sang and I loved EVRY second.



Lesley-Ann said...

We had a blast Jess, thanks so much :-) I love your description of everyone, I didn't think I was that bad ;-) Oh did I really say I wanted to raft the snake???

Anonymous said...

this looks AMAZING we so have to come see you guys when we get rich lol.So can anyone just raft who owns the river? I never really wanted to visted the USA (no offence) but your pictures make me want to visit so much,

Katie Fletcher xxx

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