Monday, September 5, 2011

My pride is punctured.

This a conversation from earlier today about a photo shoot I did recently:

Me: So did those photos work out for you? (in a high pitched excited "I can't wait to hear your opinion of them" voice)
Client: Urm, yeah (No excitment whatsoever)
me: Which one did you use?
Client: I didn't use any of them

Awkward moment as my pride gets a serious puncture and begins rapid deflation

My photos were not loved maybe not even liked. People have always said they have like my photos in the past granted they might have been lying but this was a first to experience the raw rejection.

Initially I was devastated. First because my pride was punctured but also because these people are really cool and I wanted them to love the photos or at least one of them.

I wanted to give up on photography and wallow in self pity.

BUT... I am better than that right? AND I really LOVE taking photos. I am going to learn from this. Personally, I LOVED the photos from this specific session and was really pleased with them, they really represented my style as of now and my style is not for everyone and I think I am OK with that but it hurts a little, maybe a lot:( I will re-look at the photos and critique them and see how I could have done a better job.

They say failure is the best medicine for success, so here is many more failures!

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