Monday, September 26, 2011

Mothers then and now

I have been a mother for over 4 years now and boy have I learnt a lot. Mostly, I have learnt that I don't have a clue about a lot of things. It is interesting how my perspective has changed and I imagine it will continue to change.

I used to think a good mother was a mother;

whose baby slept through the night

who had her children potty trained at a young age

who was put together

whose children were always tidy and clean

who was multi-talented

who was an exceptional cook

whose home looked beautiful and full of homemade novelties

whose children were perfectly behaved

who never got angry

All those points previously mentioned are awesome, but I don't think those awesome things make a mother great.

Right now I think a great mother is someone;

who scarifies stuff to put her family first

who puts her relationship with her spouse top of the list

who listens

who cares about her kids and their interests

who is patient

who acknowledges her faults and willingly apologizes

who puts away pride and replaces it with humility

who takes time

who prays

who studies and cares about being a better mother

who tries not to compare

who teaches her children correct principles such as honesty, kindness, courage, through example and consistency.

Well, that's the type of mother I hope to be it is the longest process EVER and sometimes I an so exhausted and want to hibernate but I do believe the challenge motherhood presents will refine me in ways that no other calling can.


Phredfamily said...

you have such a gift for words! i really love being inspired by you!

Kimberly Presbury said...

I have to agree.. you do have a special gift for words.
You are a wonderful mother Jess and as far as I am concerned you possess most of those qualities you are talking about! Love you!

Cami and Juan said...

This is so true. Love the perspective, and it's funny how we feel down on ourselves when we aren't doing everything in the first list perfectly. All about what's really important.

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